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Blogs As the shooting of The Pharmacist gets under way, Iqbal Mohammed finds that it takes a lot of people to shoot a movie

My meeting to meet the writer and producer of The Pharmacist film, Mike, and director Paula, was delayed by my flight to Washington DC arriving late this week. 

I met them for dinner where I was welcomed and introduced to Nathan, the cinematographer and Josh the gaffer for the film. I received the new budget and the schedule for the weekend and I was extremely excited.

Day one of filming arrived and Paula introduced me to the entire crew. They all seemed to know my name, where I was from and that I was the executive producer of the film. It was a little weird but it felt nice to be known.

The adrenaline was pumping through my veins and I was anxious but raring to go as we started. We were running slightly behind schedule but I was told this was pretty standard in film making.

The actors arrived one by one. In the trailer I got speaking to Matthew James Gulbranson, the lead actor in the film. He told me that he is going to be shooting a film in England next year and invited me down to the set. Apparently it is a big-budget film with an A-list Hollywood actor as the lead. I will reveal more soon.

I never knew how many people were required to shoot a scene.

The director, two director's assistants, the cinematographer, a gaffer, two camera assistants, a sound team, actors and the writer and producer were all involved.

Then, was time for the first scene and… action!

On the first day we finished at 11pm and though a good night's sleep was on the agenda, we had to begin filming at 8am the next day due because we were behind schedule.

The next day came quickly and I felt as if I knew everybody. I was giving more suggestions and like the first day my voice was being heard.

During lunch I got talking to actor John C Bailey who was definitely the star of the weekend. We exchanged telephone numbers and emails, we are also now Facebook friends. His character, Mr Rumus, who is affected by OCD and multiple personality is an extremely gripping character in the film. I believe the audience will love his performance. Overall the weekend went really smoothly. At the end of the second day, I had worked for more than 18 hours. We finished at 1am.

It struck me that the team had always valued my opinion and always took me seriously. In fact I never once felt out of place or isolated by the crew.  They made me feel at home. Then again, I was in a pharmacy after all.  

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