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Hopes, fears and resolutions for 2014: Samiah Tambra

Pharmacy manager Samiah Tambra shares her hopes, fears and resolutions for 2014

Pharmacy manager Samiah Tambra is aiming to improve her management skills and look at new ways of working

One of my main hopes for the branch is that the senior managers development programme I attended in 2013 will help to make me a more competent and confident manager. I learned from the programme the importance of delegating and developing the pharmacy team and I hope this will help me to ensure that my staff feel empowered in 2014.

Our branch is taking part in an EPS pilot, which will be a new way of working. I'm hoping EPS will help us to use our time more effectively and to have more control over our workload, as scripts will be sent to us at specific times rather than any time during the day.

One of my fears is the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) premises inspection process. Patients will be able to go online and check how well a pharmacy is doing. You don't know how you're seen as a pharmacy - you just hope people will perceive you as being a good pharmacy.

Another concern is that more schools of pharmacy are opening but the number of pharmacies is not increasing. I fear for the future of new graduates who might not be able to find work after all their years of training.

A new year's resolution is to make more of social media and to try new and innovative ways of letting people know about the services our pharmacy provides. And, while we already work closely with GPs, I also want to build relationships further so that they consider pharmacy as people that help them, rather than working against them.

Samiah Tambra is a pharmacy manager for Midcounties Co-operative Pharmacy in Pennfields, Wolverhampton

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