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How can pre-regs make the most of their tutor's strengths?

Harvinder Mann: Pre-regs can pick up leadership skills from tutors and teams
Harvinder Mann: Pre-regs can pick up leadership skills from tutors and teams

Team PreReg offers tips and advice for a successful placement

Leadership skills are "something we don't place an emphasis on during the pre-reg year, because we are so focused on the clinical [aspects], calculations and over-the-counter knowledge", according to Team PreReg co-founder Harvinder Mann.

But pre-regs can pick up "different traits and qualities needed to be a pharmacist and a leader" from their tutors and team members, Mr Mann told C+D at the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham earlier this month (October 9).

From getting to grips with the General Pharmaceutical Council's (GPhC) pre-reg manual, to having confidence in your abilities, watch the video below for more of Mr Mann's tips on making the most of your pre-reg year.

What advice do you have for trainee pharmacists?

Susan Lee, Superintendent Pharmacist

My advice would be to take every opportunity going during pre-reg. year and meet as many pharmacists as possible. Go to CPPE, LPF, LPC and any other organised events. Network and understand to be a really good pharmacist there is a need to do more than work as a solus pharmacist every day 8-6 or whatever in a single pharmacy. 

The GPhC should encourage pre-reg's to spend days out of their base pharmacy working in other pharmacies - at least other branches of a multiple, but preferably independents, multiples, 100 hour, supermarket pharmacies etc.  Quiz and challenge the RP - 'why did you do that/make that decision?', why didn't you do that?...  Many pre-regs after qualification quickly go onto work as locum pharmacists and in my experience they only have as much knowledge and experience as they've crammed from books for their exam + the practice and services of their one tutor and the pharmacy they did their pre-reg. in.

Jonny Johal, Pharmacy Area manager/ Operations Manager

To all pre-reg trainers, we have too many pharmacists on the register already, are we still supporting the training of pre-reg's? I'm sure you'll know what to do.

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