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Compare your pay to the average pharmacist salary in the UK in 2018

More than 1,900 pharmacists and pharmacy staff completed the C+D Salary Survey 2018

Enter your details into the calculator to compare your pay to the average pharmacist and pharmacy staff salaries across the UK

Please note that while C+D's calculator contains information from the 1,916 respondents to the survey, the sheer number of possible criteria combinations means that certain less common variations may not produce a direct result. If this happens, try limiting the criteria you have selected; for example, focusing on ‘job’, ‘gender’, and ‘location’.

The C+D Salary Survey 2018 – the largest survey of community pharmacy, and the biggest in the survey's 11-year history – ran throughout October and was completed by a total of 1,916 pharmacists and pharmacy staff. C+D's ongoing coverage from the survey can be found here.

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