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Top 5 tips to getting reimbursed correctly on EPS

Ever worry EPS isn't working for you? Check out PSNC's advice to maximise your reimbursements

Ahead of C+D's feature on how to check which items you can dispense on the NHS, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) gives its dos and don'ts on how to make sure you're reimbursed for all electronic prescription service (EPS) items.

All dispensable items have a unique code listed on the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices database (DMD). When using the EPS, reimbursement is based on the DMD code attached to the prescription, so it's important to note the following points to make sure you get paid correctly:


Endorse the electronic prescription message

Additional information that is used for pricing can only be provided by endorsing the electronic prescription message using your PMR system endorsement options. Any endorsements on the token will not be used for reimbursement.

Remember to apply the correct exemption status

Exemption status and endorsements need to be applied correctly to each EPS Release 2 prescription before claiming. The only exception is if a patient is age exempt and their date of birth is included in the message.

Request a paper prescription for non-DMD items

Most items which are prescribed are listed in the DMD. But if a prescriber wishes to prescribe an item which is not listed in the DMD (such as a special formulation), an electronic prescription should not be issued. In these circumstances, you should follow national paper prescription protocols.


Submit an electronic prescription with supplementary product information 

Additional information added to the EPS prescription by the prescriber alongside the dosage instructions will not be considered. Reimbursement of any dispensed items is based on the product code and so any extra information will have no impact on the payment calculation.

Wait before submitting electronic prescriptions for pricing 

A prescription expires if it is not claimed within 180 days of the dispensed date. Once expired, these cannot be submitted for payment, so check that your system warns you when prescriptions are about to expire.

Do you have problems getting reimbursed for EPS prescriptions?

Kieran Eason, Superintendent Pharmacist

I compare the number of charges taken on our till to the number of paid prescriptions on my schedule of payments to ensure that my staff are scanning them correctly. Incorrectly submitted prescriptions don't appear as switches, but with many PMR systems its very easy to submit them incorrectly.

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