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Tips on passing the GPhC pre-reg exam

Mr Kumwenda says balancing learning and wellbeing is important for exam preparation
Mr Kumwenda says balancing learning and wellbeing is important for exam preparation

Preparation, a positive mindset and problem-solving skills are key for preparing for the GPhC exam, says an expert on pre-registration revision

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has "conservatively" estimated that it will record a 60% pass rate in its exams on March 17-18, the first to be conducted online, more than 10 percentage points lower than the pass rates in the 2019 exams. Students are hungry for advice on ways to better prepare to improve their chances of passing the exam.

Luso Kumwenda, CEO of the Focus Pre-Reg Revision platform, tells C+D clinical and custom content editor Naimah Callachand in a podcast it’s imperative that students get enough sleep.

“When your brain is overwhelmed, your attention span and retention of content that you learn is reduced,” Mr Kumwenda says. “That's the last thing that you want.”

Mr Kumwenda, one of C+D’s pre-registration leads, says that balancing learning, personal life and wellbeing are all important aspects of planning for the exam.

Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing should not be neglected during revision. Mr Kumwenda says students should eat well and seek support from their friends, family, colleagues and mentor where necessary.

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What are your tips for preparing for the GPhC exam?
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