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Answered: Should you confront staff about personal issues?

Answered: Should you confront staff about personal issues?

You suspect that something has happened in your dispensary assistant’s personal life. You know her to be quite a private person, but recently she has become withdrawn and has been coming into work late occasionally, which is out of character.

As you think it might be a personal matter, you do not want to pry. Should you raise this issue with her?

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You think your dispensing assistant is having personal problems that are affecting the pharmacy. Should you raise this with them?
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The answer

The most obvious reason to broach this subject with your dispensary assistant is because whatever she is going through is affecting her work.

Most employers will excuse occasional lateness. But persistent lateness could become a problem, both for you – in terms of the productivity of your business – and for her in that it could become a disciplinary

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