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Answered: Would you raise your pre-reg's frequent errors with them?

Should you tell your pre-reg they are not cut out for a career in pharmacy?
Should you tell your pre-reg they are not cut out for a career in pharmacy?

Did you have enough knowledge to help this pre-reg who often makes mistakes?

You have serious concerns about a pre-registration trainee who works in your pharmacy. He is disorganised, and your system of checks has revealed that he makes frequent errors. At the moment, you just do not think that he is cut out for pharmacy.

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Should you tell your pre-reg they're not cut out for a pharmacy career?
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Excellent attention to detail is central to a pharmacist's role. Having someone in your team who is a liability will create difficulties. Pharmacy teams must also deal with heavy workloads and financial and statutory obligations, and can’t afford to have an unreliable pre-reg – or any other team member.

And yet, the reason he is working with you is to gain experience. He is learning, and one of the best ways to learn is from your own mistakes.

That is not to say he should not take responsibility for his actions. You should emphasise to him that mistakes in healthcare have serious consequences for the patient, as well as for the pharmacist and the pharmacy, and reflect badly on the profession he is trying to join.

But if you tell him now that he is making too many mistakes and is not cut out to be a pharmacist, you are denying him the opportunity to learn from his errors. And if pharmacists stop learning from their mistakes, how will the profession stop them from happening in the future? Or worse – you might scare him so much that he tries to cover up his blunders.

Addressing the errors

Any errors made will be added to the pharmacy’s near miss log. It may be worth discussing recurring errors with your pre-reg, and suggesting they come up with solutions to prevent their recurrence.

For example, if he repeatedly mixes up the wrong items – such as pantoprazole and pravastatin – ask what the pharmacy can do to avoid the error. The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) recommends that pharmacies should identify practical areas for change that can lead to a reduction in the likelihood of an error occurring.

His high rate of errors needs to be addressed, but it is important to be reasonable and methodical. Set targets, work out how the errors were made and how to stop them in future, and go over what he needs to pass his registration assessment. Talk to his tutor, if it will help the situation.

The actions you take now could have a long-lasting impact not only on your pre-reg, but on the workplace culture in your pharmacy. The best outcome for both of you is that he learns from his errors and becomes a better pharmacist.

For more information visit the NPA’s medication safety service here

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How would you deal with this HR dilemma?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Is it safe to not tell them? There are very real and dangerous consequences to making errors.

Bipin Patel, Community pharmacist

The sooner they know their shortcomings the sooner they can they can take step to amend their procedure

Uma Patel, Community pharmacist

Every thing that effects their professional development and profession is open for discussion and action

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