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Lies, it’s all lies I tell you

It's wrong to think that all GPs are keen about commissioning, writes Dr Livingstone. And the commissioning evangelists might find those that are keen gasping for breath

Just in case you're wondering exactly what's happening in the wacky world of commissioning – no, look, come back, this is interesting – I have a little dispatch from the front line for you.

Specifically, a survey by the Family Doctors' Association. It found that – get this – 90 per cent of GPs have some interest in commissioning. This is a fact that, I imagine, the commissioning evangelists might pick up and run with. So perhaps I might be allowed to tie their shoelaces together.

Because stating that GPs have some interest in commissioning is like saying we have some interest in breathing. We do, in the sense that if we didn't bother with it at all, we'd asphyxiate. But it's not something I'd put on my CV.

It's the same with commissioning. We have to do commissioning – whatever it is – to survive. That certainly doesn't make me keen on it. Luckily, though, enthusiasm was something else the survey measured. So what proportion of GP are actually keen on commissioning? 7 per cent. They're easy to spot: they're hyperventilating.

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