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Nifedipine for a GI disorder

Nifedipine for a GI disorder

Pharmacist Linden Smith is working at Highup pharmacy when he dispenses a prescription for nifedipine 10-20mg tds before food for 65-year-old Edward Kelly. Linden checks Edward's PMR, which shows only regular prescriptions for lansoprazole 30mg for the past nine months.

Linden asks Mr Kelly if he knows what he is taking the medicine for. Mr Kelly says he has been having difficulty swallowing for many years, but it has been gradually getting worse in recent months. He suffers from frequent heartburn and has lost weight. He has been told he has achalasia, which is going to be operated on.

Is nifedipine used in gastrointestinal disorders? How might it relieve symptoms?

The calcium-channel blocker nifedipine decreases lower-oesophageal sphincter (LOS) pressure and is used in a dose of 10-30mg sublingually

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