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Patient feedback was 'daunting' but award-winning

Patient feedback was 'daunting' but award-winning

The C+D Award-winning staff at Whitworth Chemist in Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire, were set a challenge by their superintendent: to drive greater patient involvement in the business.

In their award entry, the team admitted this seemed “daunting and difficult” at first. After giving it some thought, they tackled it head-on by taking the brave step of inviting patients to be brutally honest about the pharmacy’s service, and what it could do better.

It's no surprise to hear they were apprehensive at first, but they also realised it was an opportunity to establish themselves at the heart of the community. Pharmacy technician Donna Reid led the project, and she and the team successfully recruited 20 patients to attend the first meeting in June 2015. Now, they regularly have 30

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