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PPD pricing errors continue

The story Last year, C+D's exposé of NHS Prescription Services' prescription underpayments led to a £20 million compensation package for pharmacists. Unfortunately, the problem doesn't seem to have gone away – this year the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) revealed the 434 contractors who rejected the full payment in favour of a script check were short-changed by a staggering £1.5m – an average of £4,224 each. What next? The NHS BSA has pledged to improve transparency and provide "as much information as possible to contractors who have been paid incorrectly". A welcome step – but it would be far better if the errors didn't occur to begin with. What you said "Frankly ridiculous. So not only are we being savaged by Cat M cuts and an underfunded contract, even the money we are entitled to is being kept from us." Harnek Chera, superintendent pharmacist – posted at Christmas present A calculator for the NHS BSA. Or an abacus. Or anything that will help it add up correctly.

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