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Quiz: How’s your work-life balance?

Is your style all work and no play, or party animal? Take C+D’s quiz to find out.

1. It’s 8am on a Monday morning. How do you begin your working day?

A) 8am? Pffft. You’ve already been in the pharmacy for hours making the final touches to your to-do list.

B) Arrive on time and offer to go on a tea run before getting your head down in the dispensary and making a start on those dosette boxes.

C) Scramble out of bed when you realise you’ve overslept before taking some heavy-duty painkillers to numb your thumping hangover. You can’t wait to regale your colleagues with stories from your wild weekend when you finally make it into work.


2. It’s your dispenser’s birthday, and the team has plans to celebrate with an evening meal. What do you do?

A) Make your excuses and spend the night alone in the dispensary catching up on paperwork. There’s nothing like a bit of peace and quiet to help you get your tasks done.

B) Attend the meal with a small birthday gift for the dispenser, but make sure you leave before the real party starts. You’ve got to feel fresh in the morning to get all your work done.

C) Kick things off by buying a round of vodka shots at the bar and try to persuade your boss to sing karaoke with you. No party is complete without your drunken rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.


3. Your nearest local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) is holding a networking event, but it clashes with your son’s birthday. What do you do?

A) Attend the networking event, of course! After all, teaching your offspring the lessons of hard work and sacrifice is the best birthday gift you could give him.

B) Contact the LPC to let them know that you won’t be able to make it this time but are keen to attend similar events in the future.

C) What’s an LPC?


4. Your partner expresses concern that you’ve been spending too much time at work lately. How do you respond?

A) Sorry, what was that? You couldn’t hear what they said over the click-clack of your Blackberry buttons as you finished off that email. Just one more before bed, you promise.

B) Explain that it’s been a busy time for the pharmacy and that you’ve got to put patients first, but make plans to book a holiday for the two of you soon. They’re right – you do need a break.

C) Laugh. That was a joke, right?


5. What’s your personal motto?

A) Time is money, my friend.

B) Everything in moderation.

C) You’ve got to fight for your right to party.

Mostly A: The workaholic

The old saying goes that you’ve got to work hard and play hard to succeed. The trouble is that you’ve forgotten the part about playing.  Sure, it’s important to put effort into your career, but carry on in this vein and you’ll burn yourself out. Try looking at the processes that go into your working day and scrapping those that aren’t absolutely essential. It’s high time you took a well-earned break.

Mostly B – The perfect balance

It’s not easy to get the balance right between working and relaxing – especially in such a demanding career as pharmacy – but you seem to be doing pretty well. While you’re willing to go the extra mile for your patients, you also know it’s also important to take some time for yourself. Good work.

Mostly C – The party animal

It’s important to blow off steam occasionally to relieve workplace-induced stress, but partying into the small hours night after night does not a professional make. Consider putting the same amount of effort into your work life as you do in your social life – the rewards will be many.It’s worth asking yourself whether you have to attend that third party you’ve got scheduled for this week. Hint: the answer is probably no.


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