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Quiz: What's your motivation?

Find out what motivates you at work – and what it means for your career – with our five-question quiz

Find out what motivates you at work – and what it means for your career – with our five-question quiz

1. The manager asks you to stay late to help design a poster for a travel health promotion and offers overtime. You agree because:

a.  The bonus will be useful – you're saving up to buy a flash watch. b.  You've never been involved in health promotion and it sounds fun. c.  It will be good for your career – it's important to show willingness.

2. The company runs an incentive scheme for staff going the extra mile. You decide to enter because:

a.  There are great prizes, you've got your eye on the dinner for two voucher. b.  You are always keen to help and a customer came in to thank you only last week. It must be worth entering. c.  You stand a good chance of winning, and it's something to add to the CV.

3. A job-hunting friend heard there's a vacancy at your company and asks what it's like to work there. You say:

a.  The pay is good – plus there's a cash incentive for introducing new staff. b.  It's great, your boss trusts you to develop your own part of the business and you feel part of the team. c.  There are great opportunities for learning how to run the business: useful when you set up on own.

4. A visiting holiday-maker pops in with a range of time consuming problems, before they leave town. Do you: a.  Ask one of your colleagues to deal with them; they're not going to give you repeat business, after all. b.  Smile, do your best to help and offer some health promotion advice. You know their home town offers smoking cessation and they mentioned they'd like to give up. After all, every contact counts. c.  This is a good opportunity to sell a few appropriate extras. The boss will like that.

5. The British summer has finally arrived – which means it's howling a gale outside. You don't feel like going to work and it's likely you'll have few customers too. Do you:

a.  Phone in sick and then spend the day selling your unwanted clothes on eBay. b.   Put on your brightest shirt to cheer you up. If it's quiet you can brainstorm for the health promotion your boss is planning later in the year, which should prove you're the person to run it. c.  If there are few customers there's plenty of time to get ahead on your CPD and map out a business plan for your next venture. 


Mostly As: The money maker

Your focus seems to be on money – which is absolutely fine. You've probably got a savings goal, and plans for a financial future. While all of this is great when planning ahead, it's important to be mindful that a career in community pharmacy isn't just about finances; patient care and dedication are equally important. Consider whether you'd be happier in a role that is less patient-facing, such as working in a corporate environment.

Mostly Bs: The happy worker

You enjoy being given ownership of what you do and you are proud of your work; it's great to hear from satisfied customers and improve people's health. Chances are you're happy exactly where you are, but don't neglect your career. Make sure that the work you do is recognised, and take any opportunities to further your career, both in terms of skills and new roles.

Mostly Cs: The career planner

You know where you're going in your career; your job gives you a great opportunity to learn while working for someone else before striking out on your own. While such forward-thinking is great, remember to focus on your current role too. It can be demotivating for staff if someone is talking about leaving or looking ahead, rather than at the present. Success in your current role is likely to help boost your career in the long term.  

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