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Super hearing is a power that all pharmacists are blessed/ plagued with, writes Babir Malik. But overhearing things isn’t always a good thing

I have a confession to make. I have a super power. Well every pharmacist has it as well. It's the power of super hearing.

I did not ask for it. Nor did I receive any training for it. I did not spend hours during my pre-reg blindfolded to heighten my sense of hearing.

It happened as soon as I qualified. I developed the ability to hear things without realising. As my Uncle Ben once told me; "With great power comes great responsibility."

Community pharmacist Babir Malik

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I could be having a conversation in the dispensary and then all of a sudden, my spidey sense would start tingling and I would be able to hear that I needed to intervene and I would swing over the dispensary bench and come to the rescue at the counter.

Men have the power to switch off this gift/curse. It's called selective hearing. I stop using it when the dispensary conversation turns to women's problems or (*insert whichever reality TV is on at the moment*).

So tell me what's the best thing you have had to intervene on in the shop or the worst thing you have overheard in the dispensary?

Babir Malik is a community pharmacist from South Yorkshire and a coeliac. He went to Bradford University and qualified in 2008 and is extremely passionate about pharmacy.

When has you 'pharmacist super sense' helped at work?

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