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Top 10 endorsing and submitting errors to avoid

PSNC reveals the most common mistakes leading to inaccurate payment – and how to avoid them


Use the drop-down menu below to reveal how to address the top 10 endorsing and submitting errors.

Top tips for filing and submission

Dispensing/end-of-day process:
• Double-check endorsements on all special prescriptions
• Highlight all red separator items during dispensing if possible and keep separate from the rest of the bundle (log all expensive items/OOP claims)
• Check the backs of all prescriptions and ensure they are signed and ticked if not age exempt with a printed date of birth
• Ensure date stamps do not obscure the date of birth
• Remove all labels, staples, post-it notes, sellotape, etc from prescriptions

Before submission:
• Double-check daily prescription counts
• Calculate monthly prescription figures twice and transcribe figures accurately onto FP34c submission document
• Pack prescriptions neatly and without lots of elastic bands
• Send by courier before the 5th of the following month
• Use a few bands to secure the order of your bundle and choose an appropriately sized box so that prescriptions do not get mixed up in transit

After payment:
• Keep track of your monthly payments. Sign up to Check 34 – a PSNC-developed IT program available to every pharmacy contractor in England via the NPA – to view your key performance indicators.


More information

If you think it would be helpful for someone to talk you through these processes step by step, take a look at PSNC’s webinar on prescription endorsement and submission.

See PSNC’s website or monthly CPN magazine for free endorsing factsheets
If you have any further queries on endorsing or submitting prescriptions, call the PSNC dispensing and supply teams on 0844 381 4180 or 0203 1220 810, or email [email protected].


Biju Gandecha, Superintendent Pharmacist

Most of the information supplied is of no use for electronic prescriptions. PSNC advice states to place forms containing expensive items in the red separator. NHSBSA does not like ANY EPS tokens included with the prescriptions bundle. It would be more relevant to provide information regarding common errors for EPS endorsing, considering we are all supposed to go paperless in the "not too distant future". I regularly get EPS prescriptions returned by NHSBSA even though I know I had supplied all information. Furthermore the returned prescription is difficult to track by patient name, as only a barcode is supplied.

Stephen Eggleston, Community pharmacist

A timely reminder - the NHS will happily keep any money we have not correctly claimed for so it is important that even those of us who think we know how to endorse properly review our processes

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

And yet that ticking method seems to be taught to dispensers at some chains. As a pre-reg from a small indie, I like to think I'm clued up on endorsing, and it drives me mad to see it. Then I remember that I'm a locum, and so don't give a shit.

JOHN MUNDAY, Locum pharmacist

Really excellent and detailed. Thanks!

Pauline [email protected], Pharmacy technician

Found this information very useful.

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