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‘I travelled for four days to reach my pharmacy before lockdown'

Bernadette Brown has tackled staff stress with a daily team conversation
Bernadette Brown has tackled staff stress with a daily team conversation

One contractor was so desperate to get back to her pharmacy before lockdown that she travelled for four days and nights from a holiday in Mexico to reach it.

Pharmacy professionals have risen to the challenges presented by COVID-19 in numerous ways, with the outbreak at times endangering the viability of their businesses.

Just before the lockdown announcement on March 23, the team at Cadham Pharmacy in Glenrothes, Fife had become understaffed as a result of suspected virus cases, contractor Bernadette Brown tells C+D in the latest COVID-19 podcast. Her pharmacy needed her.

To reach the pharmacy from Mexico, while airlines cut most of their flights, she took an overnight bus and three flights over four days.

Listen to the podcast to hear about:

  • Handling escalating stress levels through a daily “campfire” team conversation
  • Streamlining a dispensing system using an app
  • Hope that community pharmacy will be looked after

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Please note, the sound quality of this podcast may be affected as it has been recorded remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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How has your pharmacy been affected by COVID-19?

mark straughton, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Maybe something to do with potentially having to run of locums throughout lockdown as well? They're very expensive

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Yep, income stream disappearing so the trip had to be made. If that sounds awfully cynical, then, sorry, yes it is. That is what pharmacy has done to me.

mark straughton, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Yes, it should be more......'huge trip to avoid my shop being run on locums which would cost £250/day and I can't afford it..........oh yeah, added bonus of being there to support my teams'. Yes, me too very cynical.

And sorry, don't mean to offend anyone by this

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