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Treating with evidence: Gastrointestinal conditions

Green Light Pharmacy shares top GI treatments from its formulary of evidence-based OTC medicines

Pharmacies are the destination of choice for common ailments. But teams can feel at a loss when it comes to recommendations. Among the wide range of treatments available, it is hard to establish which have solid evidence behind them – and some, such as cough medicines, have been dismissed as nothing more than placebo.

This is what prompted Green Light Pharmacy to develop an evidence-based formulary for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. The move has gone down well with patients - Simon Phillips, pharmacist at Shortstown Pharmacy in Bedford, says explaining the reasons behind recommendations “allows for the development of a more trusting relationship”. He shares his formulary for gastrointestinal conditions and the evidence to support it.

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James Mac, Community pharmacist

Surely buccastem-m is only licensed for use in migraine.

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