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E.g., 13/06/2021
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Funding cuts court case
The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) are challenging the government’s cut to pharmacy funding in England in the High Court.
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Funding cuts court case

The judgment was handed down at 10.30am today
The NPA's and PSNC's appeals against the funding cuts have been dismissed by three High Court judges this morning (August 23).
23/08/2018 10 News
DH's original figure of 134 closures took account of 22 openings over same period
A total of 156 pharmacies have closed in the wake of the funding cuts in England, government data has revealed.
25/05/2018 11 News
Jeremy Hunt
A High Court judge has questioned whether Jeremy Hunt had enough information to “rationally” decide whether to cut funding for pharmacies in England.
25/05/2018 4 News
A DH lawyer said the profit analysis was "in no way fundamental" to the funding cuts decision
An analysis of the profitability of pharmacies used by the government to justify the funding cuts was “clearly very weak”, a High Court judge has...
24/05/2018 6 News
DH: The 134 figure does not include distance-selling pharmacies
One hundred and thirty-four pharmacies have closed since the funding cuts were imposed in England, the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has...
23/05/2018 9 News
The NPA's argument was scheduled to take up this morning's session
C+D's blow-by-blow account of the second and final day of pharmacy's appeal against the funding cuts
23/05/2018 0 News
C+D's blow-by-blow account of pharmacy's appeal against the funding cuts at the Royal Courts of Justice
22/05/2018 4 News
PSNC pharmacy funding cuts High Court decision
The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has been given permission to appeal the High Court decision on its case against the pharmacy...
23/06/2017 8 News
“We’re not a business, we’re not a shop, we’re contracted to the NHS”
A pharmacist who provided a witness statement for the National Pharmacy Association’s (NPA) High Court challenge to the funding cuts was “horrified”...
08/06/2017 1 News
C+D’s analysis has revealed numerous details that should embolden – as well as cause concern
C+D goes behind the headlines to find out what else the High Court judgment revealed about pharmacy's plight
19/05/2017 3 News