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C+D's internet pharmacy week


E.g., 16/06/2021
E.g., 16/06/2021
Internet Pharmacy Week

C+D spends five days exploring the fast-growing industry of online pharmacies, and their impact on the community sector.

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Internet Pharmacy Week

Pharmacy2U is keen to talk to the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) about whether online pharmacies such as itself can be included in the...
17/07/2018 7 News
Pharmacy2U has secured a “cash injection” of £40 million to “rapidly grow” its repeat prescription business.
26/03/2018 10 News
To mark C+D’s internet pharmacy week, Xrayser gives his unique take on the world of online prescription ordering
23/03/2018 5 Views
The company attributed £14.4m of its losses to “exceptional costs” of acquiring Chemist Direct
Pharmacy2U made a £20 million loss in the past financial year – 10 times the loss it made the year before, its most recent financial accounts reveal.
22/03/2018 13 News
Pharmacy2U attributed most of its recent £20m loss to acquiring Chemist Direct
After its latest financial accounts revealed Pharmacy2U made a £20m loss, C+D examines the viability of this internet pharmacy’s online-only model
22/03/2018 2 Features
As part of C+D’s internet pharmacy week, NHS Digital’s Mohammed Hussain considers whether the Amazon takeover is round the corner
21/03/2018 6 Views
Amazon beefed up its team of US pharmacy experts last year
Does the move towards online ordering of medicines spell the end for the traditional community pharmacy model – or could it offer new ways to survive...
20/03/2018 3 Features
The Online Doctor service employs 15 GPs and one independent prescribing pharmacist
As part of C+D’s online pharmacy week, we go behind the scenes of the multiple’s long-runnning internet service
20/03/2018 1 Features
Frosts Pharmacy Group's managing director explains what it was like to undergo a “costly” inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
19/03/2018 2 Views
CQC: We will inspect relevant premises where we suspect an offence has been committed
Receiving a letter from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) threatening to inspect your pharmacy “might not be as scary as it looks”, a lawyer has said.
16/03/2018 3 News