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C+D's medicine shortages week


E.g., 09/03/2021
E.g., 09/03/2021
Medicine shortages week

C+D spends a week exploring the impact of medicine shortages on community pharmacy staff and their patients.

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Medicine shortages week

Lithium carbonate tablets in all strengths have been added to the list of products that must not be parallel exported from the UK, with the ban...
25/03/2020 2 News
The government is extending its serious shortage protocols (SSPs) for fluoxetine 30mg and 40mg capsules beyond tomorrow’s planned end date.
30/10/2019 0 News
NPA: Pharmacists said they are not always treated fairly by wholesalers
Pharmacists have a “high level of dissatisfaction” with the standard of service they receive from wholesalers, a survey by the National Pharmacy...
29/10/2019 4 News
Jo Churchill: PSNC definitely wanted more money for the sector
In her first interview since taking on her new role, pharmacy minister Jo Churchill talks medicine shortages and the five-year funding deal
09/10/2019 3 News
As part of C+D’s week focusing on medicine shortages, we asked community pharmacies across the UK to diarise their stock struggles
09/10/2019 5 Features
The MHRA should enforce stricter laws on wholesale businesses hoarding supplies to help prevent medicine shortages, says HDA executive director...
04/10/2019 4 Views
Pharmacists have been granted the power to supply different strengths or forms of fluoxetine
Granting pharmacists the ability to supply alternative strengths of fluoxetine without contacting the patient’s GP will mean a “new way of working”...
03/10/2019 6 News
BBC News presenter Ben Brown with C+D editor James Waldron yesterday
Editor James Waldron discussed the results of C+D's shortages survey, and pharmacy teams' role in resolving these issues, on the BBC News...
03/10/2019 0 News
The legal groundwork for a serious shortage protocol was set out in February
The government has granted pharmacists the ability to supply an alternative strength or form of fluoxetine without contacting the patient’s GP, in an...
03/10/2019 25 News
Two in five community pharmacies spend over an hour a day dealing with medicine shortages, a survey of C+D readers has suggested.
02/10/2019 2 News