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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage


E.g., 22/06/2019
E.g., 22/06/2019
C+D's pharmacist stress coverage
All of the C+D's coverage of stress levels in UK community pharmacy
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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage

C+D analysed pharmacists’ responses to its Salary Survey over the past five years
As the RPS uses C+D data to try to persuade Keith Ridge of the growing issue of pharmacy stress, we ask what effect it is having on pharmacists...
30/01/2019 21 News
Richard Bradley: We need to address the causes of stress as well as the symptoms
Boots is hoping a stress coaching service it has used can be expanded to all pharmacists, the multiple has told C+D.
01/03/2019 17 News
Well: C+D's survey data is "really important" for monitoring stress levels
Well Pharmacy has told C+D it has reduced workload in its branches by 36% over the past three years, as part of its latest strategy to combat...
01/03/2019 10 News
C+D revealed stress levels among community pharmacists rose six percentage points in two years
The RPS has used C+D’s Salary Survey data as evidence that NHS England should fund a community pharmacy stress service. So what difference could this...
26/02/2019 16 Features
C+D's briefing document was handed to Keith Ridge on January 10
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has used data from C+D readers to illustrate to NHS England’s Keith Ridge that stress is a growing problem...
30/01/2019 23 News
Deputy editor Lilian Anekwe says C+D’s findings should prompt a long overdue effort to get to grips with the sector’s rising workload pressures
30/01/2019 4 Views