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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage


E.g., 19/04/2021
E.g., 19/04/2021
C+D's pharmacist stress coverage
All of the C+D's coverage of stress levels in UK community pharmacy
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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage

C+D analysed pharmacists’ responses to its Salary Survey over the past five years
As the RPS uses C+D data to try to persuade Keith Ridge of the growing issue of pharmacy stress, we ask what effect it is having on pharmacists...
30/01/2019 22 News
A community pharmacist, contractor and pharmacy body explain the reality of workplace pressures in the sector
13/09/2019 0 News
Students witnessing the increasing workplace pressures in community pharmacies are being “put off” joining the sector, the BPSA has told C+D.
12/09/2019 22 News
Julie Cooper and Jeff Smith pledged their support for the #GoGreen4PS campaign at Monday's event (Credit: Brendan Foster Photography)
Pharmacists could have a wider role in the health service if they were not "bearing the brunt" of NHS pressures, MPs have told C+D.
11/09/2019 1 News
An anonymous contractor is inspired by C+D’s parliamentary event on pharmacy pressures to describe how tough life has become for her family business
11/09/2019 20 Views
C+D and Pharmacist Support gathered MPs, sector leaders and pharmacists at a parliamentary event to raise awareness of the growing pressures on...
10/09/2019 6 News
The charity Pharmacist Support is “bracing itself” for an increase in its workload, as 61% of pharmacists responding to its survey call for help with...
10/09/2019 5 News
Teva UK has backed C+D’s attempts to raise political awareness of the growing pressures on pharmacists and their teams.
21/08/2019 1 News
Cashflow may topple community pharmacies like dominoes due to issues with medicines payments, bank relations and staffing issues, says The Contractor...
09/08/2019 21 Views
C+D will be hosting a parliamentary event in September to highlight the growing pressures on community pharmacists.
30/07/2019 20 News