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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage


E.g., 12/06/2021
E.g., 12/06/2021
C+D's pharmacist stress coverage
All of the C+D's coverage of stress levels in UK community pharmacy
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C+D's pharmacist stress coverage

Pharmacist Support CEO: It's crucial we work with organisations such as Boots to tackle stress
The profession’s charity is working with Boots to develop stress coaching services for the whole sector, it has announced.
23/04/2019 4 News
Rose Marie Parr: I also worry about career development for pharmacy technicians and support staff
Encouraging pharmacists to have portfolio careers could be the answer to the rising levels of stress in the sector, Scotland's chief...
18/04/2019 3 News
Pharmacist Support: Employment issues topped the list of calls to our 'Listening Friends' helpline
Enquiries to Pharmacist Support rose by 22% from 2016-18 – a period that also saw stress levels among the sector increase.
06/03/2019 4 News
Richard Bradley: We need to address the causes of stress as well as the symptoms
Boots is hoping a stress coaching service it has used can be expanded to all pharmacists, the multiple has told C+D.
01/03/2019 17 News
Well: C+D's survey data is "really important" for monitoring stress levels
Well Pharmacy has told C+D it has reduced workload in its branches by 36% over the past three years, as part of its latest strategy to combat...
01/03/2019 11 News
C+D revealed stress levels among community pharmacists rose six percentage points in two years
The RPS has used C+D’s Salary Survey data as evidence that NHS England should fund a community pharmacy stress service. So what difference could this...
26/02/2019 16 Features
C+D's briefing document was handed to Keith Ridge on January 10
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has used data from C+D readers to illustrate to NHS England’s Keith Ridge that stress is a growing problem...
30/01/2019 23 News
Deputy editor Lilian Anekwe says C+D’s findings should prompt a long overdue effort to get to grips with the sector’s rising workload pressures
30/01/2019 4 Views