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C+D Salary Survey 2017


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E.g., 19/04/2021
C+D Salary Survey 2017
The C+D Salary Survey is a comprehensive analysis of trends and variations in the sector, and provides an in-depth picture of working life in community pharmacy.
Find out how your pay, conditions and stress levels compare with other pharmacists and pharmacy staff.
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C+D Salary Survey 2017

The average male manager and employee pharmacist salary is 5% higher than femal equivalents
Male employee community pharmacists and branch managers earn on average £2,000 more than female pharmacists in the same role, according to C+D's...
06/04/2018 13 News
More than 200 locum pharmacists across the UK completed the C+D Salary Survey
Use C+D's interactive map to see how locum pharmacists' average hourly pay rates and satisfaction vary across the UK
13/12/2017 1 Features
compare multiple pay conditions Boots Lloydspharmacy Well
Use our interactive tool to compare pay and working conditions at the three largest pharmacy multiples.
07/12/2017 1 Features
C+D Salary Calculator pharmacy pay UK
Enter your details to see how your pay compares to your pharmacy peers across the UK
06/12/2017 7 Features
Male branch managers and employee pharmacists earn more than women doing the same job
C+D’s analysis has found male branch managers and employee pharmacists are paid on average 5% more than females doing the same role. What can the...
06/04/2018 10 Features
Locum Liam Maguire reflects on the C+D Salary Survey 2017’s findings on locum pay rates, and what this means for the sector’s future
03/01/2018 21 Views
new English pound sterling falling pharmacy pay
Four in five contractors in England experienced a drop in their personal income over the past year, the C+D Salary Survey 2017 has revealed.
20/12/2017 17 News
Chemist+Druggist Salary Survey 2017 pharmacy owner funding cuts
What was it like to be a pharmacy owner in England in the first year of the funding cuts?
20/12/2017 2 Features
Chemist+Druggist Salary Survey 2017 pharmacy owner funding cuts infographic
What did the C+D Salary Survey 2017 reveal about the financial impact of funding cuts on England's community pharmacy owners?
20/12/2017 0 Features
London is the hardest place to secure a locum shift, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2017
Half of locum pharmacists found it more difficult to secure work in community pharmacies over the past year, C+D's Salary Survey 2017 has...
14/12/2017 11 News