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C+D Salary Survey 2018


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E.g., 18/04/2021
C+D Salary Survey 2018
The C+D Salary Survey is a comprehensive analysis of trends and variations in the sector, and provides an in-depth picture of working life in community pharmacy.
Find out how your pay, conditions and stress levels compare with other pharmacists and pharmacy staff.
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C+D Salary Survey 2018

C+D analysed pharmacists’ responses to its Salary Survey over the past five years
As the RPS uses C+D data to try to persuade Keith Ridge of the growing issue of pharmacy stress, we ask what effect it is having on pharmacists...
30/01/2019 22 News
Use C+D's interactive map to see locum pharmacists' average hourly pay rates and satisfaction across the UK in 2018
12/12/2018 1 Features
More than 320 employee pharmacists from the UK's three largest multiples completed the survey
Use this interactive tool to compare results from C+D's Salary Survey 2018 on the pay rises, work-life balance and workloads of pharmacists at...
06/12/2018 0 Features
Enter your details into the calculator to compare your pay to the average pharmacist and pharmacy staff salaries across the UK
05/12/2018 0 Features
Teva UK has backed C+D’s attempts to raise political awareness of the growing pressures on pharmacists and their teams.
21/08/2019 1 News
C+D will be hosting a parliamentary event in September to highlight the growing pressures on community pharmacists.
30/07/2019 20 News
C+D's briefing document was handed to Keith Ridge on January 10
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has used data from C+D readers to illustrate to NHS England’s Keith Ridge that stress is a growing problem...
30/01/2019 23 News
Deputy editor Lilian Anekwe says C+D’s findings should prompt a long overdue effort to get to grips with the sector’s rising workload pressures
30/01/2019 4 Views
The C+D Salary Survey revealed significant variation in pay and satisfaction across the UK
The C+D Salary Survey 2018 found the average UK locum pharmacist rate is £21.63 – but there is still wide variation in pay and job satisfaction...
11/01/2019 6 Features
Four out of five pharmacy owners in England have seen their personal income decrease over the past 12 months, the C+D Salary Survey 2018 has revealed.
19/12/2018 29 News