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C+D Salary Survey 2019


E.g., 17/02/2020
E.g., 17/02/2020
C+D Salary Survey 2019
The C+D Salary Survey is a comprehensive analysis of trends and variations in the sector, and provides an in-depth picture of working life in community pharmacy.
Find out how your pay, conditions and stress levels compare with other pharmacists and pharmacy staff.
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C+D Salary Survey 2019

Some 87% of contractors said they would not recommend pharmacy as a career
Stress, lack of funding and paperwork are making pharmacy owners in England question their future, the C+D Salary Survey has revealed
20/12/2019 10 Features
Only 7% of contractors experienced a rise in their personal income
Three quarters of pharmacy owners in England have seen their personal income drop over the past 12 months, the C+D Salary Survey 2019 has suggested.
17/12/2019 11 News
Some 72% of contractors reduced their own pay over the last year
Almost all pharmacy contractors in England have been forced to make financial cutbacks this year, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2019
16/12/2019 1 Features
The average salary of a pharmacy dispensary assistant working full time has reached £16,486, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2019.
16/12/2019 16 News
157 employee pharmacists at Boots responded to C+D's Salary Survey 2019
Boots staff did not receive a bonus this year, the multiple has said, but 60% of employee pharmacists did receive a pay rise, C+D’s Salary Survey...
12/12/2019 6 News
Boots Lloyds Well Pharmacy salary
The average salary of “second or non-manager” pharmacists at Well is the highest of the UK’s three biggest multiples at £37,500, C+D’s Salary Survey...
12/12/2019 18 News
The survey was completed by 330 employee pharmacists working at the three largest multiples
Click on the images to compare the pay rises, bonuses, work-life balance, stress and workload at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well, according to the C+D...
12/12/2019 0 Features
The average salary of a non-manager community pharmacist has reached £36,768, according to the C+D Salary Survey.
11/12/2019 7 News
Enter your details into the calculator to compare your pay to the average pharmacist, branch manager, superintendent, dispenser or pharmacy...
11/12/2019 0 Features
Although locum pay rates have increased according to C+D’s Salary Survey 2019, negotiating a fairer rate can come at a price, locum pharmacist...
06/12/2019 25 Views