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C+D Salary Survey 2020


E.g., 25/02/2021
E.g., 25/02/2021
C+D Salary Survey 2020
The C+D Salary Survey is a comprehensive analysis of trends and variations in the sector, and provides an in-depth picture of working life in community pharmacy.
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C+D Salary Survey 2020

Community pharmacy must own the change that is required to overcome its wellbeing crisis among staff, says Ade Williams in response to the C+D Salary...
22/02/2021 0 Views
Pharmacists could reduce their high stress levels by using pharmacy technicians and locums, says Reece Samani
19/02/2021 3 Views
Ninety-six per cent of “eligible” pharmacists and branch managers at Boots received a pay rise last year, the multiple has told C+D.
18/02/2021 1 News
Employee pharmacists had the same average work-life balance at the largest three multiples
Compare the pay rises, bonuses, stress, work-life balance and workload at Boots, Lloydspharmacy and Well by clicking on the icons below
18/02/2021 0 Features
Stress wreaked havoc with pharmacists’ health due to increased workload in 2020
17/02/2021 1 Features
Salary dissatisfaction among non-manager pharmacists rose between 2019 and 2020
The average salary of UK non-manager community pharmacists was £38,846 in 2020, according to the C+D Salary Survey
16/02/2021 9 News
One respondent said that if pharmacy was the Titanic, "we struck the iceberg five years ago"
They say that laughter is the best medicine. After a year like 2020, pharmacists have been dispensing it in heavy doses via the C+D Salary Survey
11/02/2021 3 Features
From working 12-hour days to experiencing a minor heart attack, contractors reveal the impact of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic in the C+D...
09/02/2021 2 Features
Shifts in demand for pharmacy locums and their changing hourly rates reflect the risks that locums took during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, says...
05/02/2021 0 Views
Some 45% of respondents said they had been subject to attempts at intimidation from patients
Demand for locum pharmacists rose and fell during a stormy year that took a toll on their mental health
04/02/2021 0 Features