HMRC issues tax returns every year to self-employed pharmacists
Under the self-assessment regime, certain individuals are responsible for ensuring the amount of tax they must pay is calculated and paid on time....
20/10/2017 2
APTUK's Tess Fenn: It's fantastic that new roles are being developed for pharmacy technicians
Last month, C+D revealed that a Department of Health programme board is considering plans to allow pharmacy technicians to legally supervise the...
17/10/2017 4
October sees a big push to help people to stop smoking
Over seven million adults in England are still smoking, and the toll it takes is severe. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics...
11/10/2017 0
HR dilemma
Your pharmacy has just been through a tough time financially. While you now have it under control and cashflow for the future is looking OK, this...
09/10/2017 2
The employment status of a locum can be a "grey area"
Imagine a job that promised you could be your own boss, work where you want and only do the hours that suit you. But then you saw the small print was...
06/10/2017 4
Sexual health services will positively impact your pharmacy in the long term
According to local council leaders in England and Wales, sexual health services are “at a tipping point”. In a report published in August, the Local...
04/10/2017 0
For a 'wet cough', expectorants such as guaifenesin can loosen airway secretions
Coughs and sore throats are extremely common illnesses that are seen all the time in community pharmacy. While patients with these symptoms may feel...
25/09/2017 1
Gary Jones estimates the app has saved his pharmacy up to £3,000 a year
C+D and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) have joined forces to launch Pharmacy Show and Tell – an initiative aimed at gathering fresh evidence...
21/09/2017 1

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