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Left to right: Abbey Chemist pharmacy technician Peter Finlayson, dispenser Anne Woods, pharmacy manager Abdal Alvi, counter assistant Jean McGovern, nurse Jacqueline Rolland
Community pharmacies are preventing patients’ deaths through distributing take-home naloxone kits and occasionally administering them
23/01/2020 2
The redesign of Nathan Raymond's pharmacy has boosted dispensing volume
One pharmacy responded to its staff needs with a design update that includes some medicinal decorations, winning a C+D Award for its efforts
22/01/2020 1
The DH recorded 178 medicine shortages in England from January – November 2019
C+D speaks to the experts to find out why medicine shortages have become such a widespread problem
17/01/2020 5
Superintendent pharmacist Emily Howlett has "amazing" input into GP prescribing
A pharmacy explains how having full read-write medical record access has benefitted its relationship with a neighboring GP surgery, as well as winning it a C+D Award
16/01/2020 3
Mark Donaghy (far right) and the Kamsons pre-reg cohort
Kamsons Pharmacy reveals how it achieved a clean sweep of registration pass rates two years in a row and bagged the C+D Training and Development Award in the process
09/01/2020 3
Some 87% of contractors said they would not recommend pharmacy as a career
Stress, lack of funding and paperwork are making pharmacy owners in England question their future, the C+D Salary Survey has revealed
20/12/2019 10
Left to right: Eoghan O'Brien; pharmacist Diarmaid Graham; pre-registration pharmacist Andrew Dempster; pharmacy student Shania O’Boyle; counter assistant Louise McErlean; pharmacy student Catherine Carey
One pharmacy’s programme is helping patients manage their diabetes, resulting in some entering partial remission and winning a C+D Award for their efforts
19/12/2019 4
Some 72% of contractors reduced their own pay over the last year
Almost all pharmacy contractors in England have been forced to make financial cutbacks this year, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2019
16/12/2019 1

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