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Chronic primary pain is defined as long-lasting pain that has no obvious underlying cause
From questions around painkiller habits, to recommending alternative treatment options, C+D asks two pharmacists how best to help patients manage chronic primary pain
16/06/2021 0
General practice pharmacist admin Eilish Goodman vaccinating a patient
Northern Ireland’s Medicines Optimisation and Innovation Centre shares what it has learned from pharmacists during the first two months of offering COVID-19 vaccinations
14/06/2021 0
Do you struggle with understanding the GPhC framework and how to apply it effectively to your upcoming registration exam?
10/06/2021 0
The Locum App went from over 1,400 locum profiles to almost 3,000 after winnning a C+D Award
The founder of The Locum App, winner of Online Initiative of the Year at the C+D Awards 2020, talks about why he started the business and how it's grown since 2016
09/06/2021 0
Try our six worked examples to help you practice displacement volume calculations
03/06/2021 0
"Social media can be a great way for people to connect in a profession that can feel quite isolating"
Community pharmacist Thorrun Govind shares her advice on how to use social media in a positive way to promote pharmacy services
02/06/2021 0
Dr Qi explains the importance and benefits of personalised medicines
How can 3D printing improve medicines adherence and improve drug efficiency for patients with complex chronic conditions?
01/06/2021 0
Jane Lambert: Pharmacists have been essential to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Nurse Jane Lambert tells C+D some of the common injection technique mistakes healthcare professionals make when giving COVID-19 vaccinations
19/05/2021 1

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