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Community pharmacy is in a prime position to help patients with adverse reactions to medicines and devices, but how often do you report them to the MHRA?
16/08/2018 0
From community, to hospital, or research, what should you consider when changing your pharmacy career?
14/08/2018 0
Ms Fairweather trained as a smoking cessation advisor – and trains colleagues to offer the service
Dispenser Dawn Fairweather stepped in when a busy Well branch was without a full-time pharmacist for six months. She tells C+D how she got the pharmacy's services back on track
13/08/2018 6
"This isn't a regular consultation a patient has with a pharmacist. It’s new, unique and exciting"
Ravinder Singh Cholia believes he is the only community pharmacist advanced clinical practitioner in a hospital emergency department. He tells C+D what it's like in his role
09/08/2018 51
What would you do if your pharmacist was on long-term sick leave?
Do you have enough knowledge to solve this HR dilemma?
08/08/2018 0
The EU says scanning medicines "should happen as close to the patient as possible"
With just six months until all pharmacies must have new barcode scanners up and running, what are the burning questions the sector still needs answers to?
03/08/2018 9
Should you tell your pre-reg they are not cut out for a career in pharmacy?
Did you have enough knowledge to help this pre-reg who often makes mistakes?
31/07/2018 3
As pre-registration trainees receive their GPhC exam results today (July 27), C+D asks how should those who passed prepare for life as a pharmacist?
27/07/2018 4

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