Tees LPC chief officer Sandie Hall collects the C+D Training and Development Award
In 2015, the community pharmacists at Tees local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) faced a major problem: the local authority's public health team had...
15/11/2017 1
Caerphilly pharmacist Elin Hooper collects the C+D Award on behalf of Mayberry Pharmacy
In the digital age, it’s no longer enough for community pharmacies to just put up a few posters or point-of-sale leaflets and expect the general...
09/11/2017 0
You suspect that something has happened in your dispensary assistant’s personal life. You know her to be quite a private person, but recently she has...
08/11/2017 2
Mentoring can be offered as an opportunity after career junctions ­– for example, during a pre-registration year, after joining the register, or...
03/11/2017 8
HR dilemma
Your pharmacy has just been through a tough time financially. While you now have it under control and cashflow for the future is looking OK, this...
31/10/2017 3
You should recommend that patients don't remain in bed if they can't sleep
A bad night’s sleep can ruin anyone’s day, and leave many of us feeling groggy or irritable. So when a patient recently asked to buy some sleeping...
25/10/2017 1
Harvinder Mann: Pre-regs can pick up leadership skills from tutors and teams
Leadership skills are "something we don't place an emphasis on during the pre-reg year, because we are so focused on the clinical [aspects],...
24/10/2017 2
HMRC issues tax returns every year to self-employed pharmacists
Under the self-assessment regime, certain individuals are responsible for ensuring the amount of tax they must pay is calculated and paid on time....
20/10/2017 4

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