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Researchers: Promote pharmacy services via national campaigns on TV and radio
Unique research has examined how different groups view pharmacy’s services for long-term conditions – and whether they need a marketing overhaul
22/03/2019 3
"The PDA Union has won a big prize with the outcome of the Boots ballot"
What does the outcome of the Boots ballot mean for pharmacists across the sector? C+D speaks to lawyers and pharmacy insiders to find out
12/03/2019 3
Anna Maxwell: Embrace switches to encourage investment in pharmacy
C+D deputy editor Grace Lewis spoke to Anna Maxwell, CEO of medicines switching company Maxwellia, about what makes a successful POM to P change
08/03/2019 1
A bomb disposal robot was deployed to move the suspicious package (credit: Khalid Khan)
Pharmacy staff tell C+D how they dealt with a suspicious package filled with bolts – and the resulting controlled explosion
06/03/2019 0
Did you have enough HR knowledge to correctly answer this workplace dilemma?
27/02/2019 8
C+D revealed stress levels among community pharmacists rose six percentage points in two years
The RPS has used C+D’s Salary Survey data as evidence that NHS England should fund a community pharmacy stress service. So what difference could this make to the sector?
26/02/2019 11
Malcolm Harrison: My career advice is to try different things and really stretch yourself
C+D news editor Grace Lewis spoke to Malcolm Harrison, chief executive of the CCA, about his long-spanning career in community pharmacy
25/02/2019 2
NHS England will make 20,000 roles available in primary care, including for "clinical" pharmacists
Following NHS England's publication of a funding deal dubbed the "biggest boost to primary care in 15 years", C+D sets out what it means for community pharmacists
22/02/2019 3

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