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Abs Bashir explains how his commitment to “whole-team” care – even when it meant butting heads with company executives – earned him C+D’s Manager of the Year Award
18/01/2019 1
Susan Sankey: Patients could be hospitalised if they don't receive their deliveries
From helping a stricken husband and wife, to rescuing a collapsed patient, C+D speaks to three drivers who have proven their value to the sector
17/01/2019 1
Well still views its "essential pharmacy" as a "work in progress"
Well reveals to C+D what role its “essential pharmacy” model will play in its ongoing digital expansion
16/01/2019 1
Pharmacy Complete principal associate Mike Holden and managing director Deborah Evans
The brains behind Pharmacy Complete tell C+D about their journey from “back of the envelope” plans to winning the Training and Development Award
14/01/2019 0
Alan Kurtz: I have no doubt things will get worse
As PSNC suggests regulations should be relaxed to allow pharmacies to trade medicines after Brexit, C+D asks three contractors – and the wholesaler body – for their views
11/01/2019 8
The C+D Salary Survey revealed significant variation in pay and satisfaction across the UK
The C+D Salary Survey 2018 found the average UK locum pharmacist rate is £21.63 – but there is still wide variation in pay and job satisfaction across the country
11/01/2019 2
Are you responsible for your pharmacist's behaviour at a work social event?
Did you have enough HR knowledge to solve this workplace dilemma?
08/01/2019 1
C+D’s pre-registration pharmacist of 2018 describes her international career path – from her childhood pharmacy hero, to her current managerial challenges
04/01/2019 0

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