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E.g., 23/06/2019
E.g., 23/06/2019
<p>NHS data shows the number of reviews delivered across England fell 15% in the three months after <em>the Guardian</em> article...
18/11/2016 45 News
Research showing high levels of patient satisfaction with medicines use reviews (MURs) supports an argument for lifting the cap of 400 consultations...
03/10/2016 42 News
NHS England wants “assurances” that the services pharmacists provide are "effective", in the wake of negative press coverage of medicines...
01/10/2016 62 News
Online pharmacy shoppers are almost three times more likely than store-only users to have a medicines use review (MUR), a survey by management...
01/09/2016 4 News
One in five pharmacists never recommend a formulation change during their medicines use reviews (MURs), a C+D poll has revealed.
17/08/2016 12 News
<p>Morrisons will no longer offer enhanced pay for locums who complete medicines use reviews (MURs) from September this year, C+D has learned....
27/07/2016 25 News
A report published by the BMJ revealed that negative media coverage of statin side effects led to a drop in compliance
01/07/2016 8 News
The health and beauty giant says it will "support and participate fully" in the review of pressure across the sector
17/06/2016 18 News
Despite the negative publicity, Pharmacy Voice's chief executive says you can be certain of MUR benefits for certain patients
14/06/2016 11 News
Simon Roberts will pursue "new opportunities", the company has said
09/06/2016 7 News