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E.g., 20/11/2018
E.g., 20/11/2018
Barbara Maude
The family of former National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) president Barbara Maude has said she was a “proud pharmacist” throughout her...
26/09/2018 0 News
London is the hardest place to secure a locum shift, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2017
Half of locum pharmacists found it more difficult to secure work in community pharmacies over the past year, C+D's Salary Survey 2017 has...
14/12/2017 11 News
The Salary Survey revealed that the average locum rate in Northern Ireland increased by almost £3
The average hourly pay rate for locum pharmacists across the UK has increased slightly for the first time in 10 years – by 34p, according to the C+D...
13/12/2017 22 News
Hunt: Supervision discussions will support more agile pharmacy workforce
Jeremy Hunt has sought to “reassure” a locum pharmacist about rumours that the government will allow pharmacy technicians to legally supervise...
21/08/2017 19 News
GPhC will begin implementing the changes next year
Pharmacists will have to conduct a “peer discussion” once a year as part of General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) proposals for “revalidation”.
25/04/2017 11 News
Lloydspharmacy: Claims are concerning, but we don't believe there is a broader issue
A former Sainsbury’s pharmacy is suffering from “dangerous working conditions” since it was acquired by Lloydspharmacy, according to an anonymous...
19/04/2017 51 News
Islington Pharmacy: Locums not expected to perform advanced services for £15 per hour rate
An online recruitment agency has taken action after concerns were raised over an “exploitative” locum rate posted on its website.
21/03/2017 65 News
Ms May: "A number" of colleagues have pointed out the structural issues within the tax system
The government has back-tracked on its controversial plans to increase taxes for the self-employed.
15/03/2017 3 News
Philip Hammond announced £100m investment in A&E departments
It makes no sense that the government’s spring budget plans for new NHS models of care overlook community pharmacy, the Pharmaceutical Services...
09/03/2017 7 News
A locum agency is backing transferable <a href="
17/02/2017 37 News