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E.g., 23/06/2019
E.g., 23/06/2019
Is surgery the only option to treat this patient’s prolapse?
22/05/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Do you know what causes rosacea and the treatments available to manage symptoms?
17/05/2019 0 Update Module
Atorvastatin, digoxin, metformin and NSAIDs all have diarrhoea as a possible side effect
Do you know which drugs have diarrhoea as a side effect and how it should be managed?
09/05/2019 0 Update Module
Do you know what recommendations you should make if a patient misses their contraceptive pill?
01/05/2019 0 Update Module
What do you know about the different types of oral contraceptive and managing their side effects?
25/04/2019 0 Update Module
Do you know when you should refer patients showing signs of medication-induced oesophagitis?
25/04/2019 0 Unplanned learning
C+D spoke to pharmacist Meera Hathi to discuss techniques for broaching the sensitive topic of weight loss
18/04/2019 3 Podcast
Working alone comes with risks, but do you know how you can help mitigate these?
18/04/2019 0 Update Module
Although harmless, patients may be concerned about the appearance of a wart. What advice can you provide about the common treatments available?
11/04/2019 0 Update Module
Dr Mahendra Patel: Blurred vision, fatigue and sore gums could be symptoms of type 2 diabetes
Do you know what factors put a patient at risk of having type 2 diabetes?
02/04/2019 1 Podcast