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E.g., 05/06/2020
E.g., 05/06/2020
C+D spoke to Regan McCahill, president of the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, on how COVID-19 has affected pre-reg students
28/05/2020 3 Podcast
Dr Toni Hazell reveals what advice community pharmacists can give vulnerable patients who are not on the shielded list, such as those aged over 70
14/05/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Leyla Hannbeck about the impact of COVID-19 on community pharmacy
30/04/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Dr Amira Guirguis about the impact of COVID-19 on those using misusing drugs and other substances
16/04/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Dr Mahendra Patel about his experience working in a community pharmacy during the COVID-19 outbreak
02/04/2020 1 Podcast
C+D spoke to Asha Fowells, pharmacist and freelance writer, about ways pharmacy teams can look after their health at home during the COVID-19 outbreak
26/03/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Ellen Kitetere, urology and gynaecology cancer specialist pharmacist at the Royal Marsden hospital, to learn more about ovarian cancer
05/03/2020 1 Podcast
Pharmacist Harpreet Chana talks openly about her mental health struggles
23/01/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Mikin Patel, lead gastroenterology pharmacist at Imperial College NHS Trust, to learn more about opioid-induced constipation
16/01/2020 0 Podcast