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E.g., 28/11/2020
E.g., 28/11/2020
Pharmacists can respond to symptoms this cold and flu season and recommend over-the-counter products which may offer relief from symptoms
19/11/2020 0 Podcast
Patients with flu are at greater risk of COVID-19, a community pharmacist says. Find out how pharmacists can identify symptoms and help prevent the...
10/11/2020 0 Podcast
As footfall increases in pharmacies, a pharmacist reveals the most appropriate counselling advice to give patients on congestion symptoms
02/11/2020 0 Podcast
Allergy patients with uncontrolled symptoms may have a greater risk of contracting COVID-19, an allergy expert says. Find out how pharmacists can...
25/09/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to allergy expert, Dr Elizabeth Angier, on the importance of improving allergy care in community pharmacy
20/08/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Mikin Patel, lead gastroenterology pharmacist at Imperial College NHS Trust, to learn more about the diagnosis and management of...
23/07/2020 0 Podcast
C+D spoke to Dr Mahendra Patel about the risk assessments required to protect BAME pharmacy staff
02/07/2020 3 Podcast
C+D speaks to an expert on how pharmacists can identify patients who have poor asthma control and intervene to reduce the risk of severe symptoms of...
24/06/2020 0 Podcast
Pharmacist Ade Williams explains the importance of risk assessments in the pharmacy to help better protect some staff from COVID-19 infection
11/06/2020 2 Podcast
C+D spoke to Regan McCahill, president of the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, on how COVID-19 has affected pre-reg students
28/05/2020 3 Podcast