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E.g., 18/06/2019
E.g., 18/06/2019
Is surgery the only option to treat this patient’s prolapse?
22/05/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Do you know when you should refer patients showing signs of medication-induced oesophagitis?
25/04/2019 0 Unplanned learning
A patient is concerned her doctor made a mistake when writing a prescription for her partner, who recently had pneumonia. Should you send her back to...
21/03/2019 0 Unplanned learning
During a consultation, a patient confesses concern over her flashbacks and anxiety. Are you able to support her?
07/03/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Could you determine if a patient’s rash is caused by a drug they’ve taken?
28/02/2019 0 Unplanned learning
The UK’s first high energy proton beam therapy centre recently opened in Manchester
Can you advise your customers about this new form of cancer treatment?
20/02/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Do you know why some drugs can cause a sore throat and how this can be managed?
05/02/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Ulcers in the stomach and duodenum (duodenal ulcer) may be described as a ‘peptic ulcer’
Have you considered which medicines lead to stomach ulcers and pharmacy's role in preventing them?
23/01/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Was this patient’s GP correct to send them home with inhaler advice alone?
16/01/2019 0 Unplanned learning
Could this child’s symptoms require more than a simple paracetamol suspension?
11/12/2018 0 Unplanned learning