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E.g., 19/04/2021
E.g., 19/04/2021
What do you need to know before advising patients on this commonly dispensed proton pump inhibitor?
12/06/2019 0 Features
Medicines can an emotional burden, say researchers at the University of East Anglia
A questionnaire trialled by pharmacists may uncover the real reasons patients don't take medicines
14/06/2017 0 Features
<p>Can you conduct an MUR on a patient being treated for dry eye?</p>
02/03/2016 0 Features
<p>A patient is concerned her diagnosis is incorrect as the treatment does not appear to be working</p>
02/02/2016 2 Features
A patient has some compliance issue around their blood pressure medication
27/01/2016 1 Features
Your patient is having trouble with her inhalers and adhering to metformin. How can you help?
01/06/2015 3 Features
Improve your knowledge of these treatments for atopic eczema ahead of your next consultation
12/05/2015 0 Features
Irregular hours are exacerbating your patient's hypertension and diabetes. What advice can you give him?
11/03/2015 3 Features
A patient with depression, hypertension and back pain wants to stop taking some of his medication. How would you proceed?
05/01/2015 1 Features
With new requirements for how MURs are recorded being introduced in England from July 1, Sara Mudhar reveals what community pharmacists need to know
29/06/2012 0 Features