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Some pharmacies may not receive Alliance delivery until Wednesday

Alliance: Delays due to server outage and IT issues
Alliance: Delays due to server outage and IT issues

Some pharmacies may have to wait until Wednesday to receive their delayed Alliance Healthcare delivery, the wholesaler has told C+D.

The delays – which left pharmacies without much-needed medicine over the weekend (see below) – were caused by "an air conditioning outage in the server location", which had disrupted "some IT systems in our support centre" last Thursday (September 7), Alliance Healthcare said.

The wholesaler is "pleased to confirm the IT system is now fully operational", it told C+D this morning.

However, while the recovery is going better than expected, the total backlog may not be delivered to every pharmacy until Wednesday, it added.

"Our service centre teams are working hard to process and pick orders, to resume full service as quickly as possible," Alliance Healthcare said.

"Medical orders placed since 7pm on September 7 have been captured and are being delivered from today (September 11)."

"Our team’s focus is to now process all remaining orders as soon as possible," it said.

The wholesaler repeated that it "sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused", and stressed that "patient safety is our main priority".

"All our customers are being kept informed about the progress of the situation," it added.

How pharmacists are coping today…
...and how they coped over the weekend
Are you waiting for a delivery from Alliance?

A Walton, Community pharmacist

Its been 1 Week and still waiting for my delivery of Fiasp, just being given a run around by Chessington Alliance branch.Very poor service.

Shamir Patel, Community pharmacist

And now I am hearing AAH have IT problems and aren't able to deliver for 2 days. Now we have no goods flowing into the pharmacy. Thank god for Phoenix, bar the DTP lines

Stephen Walsh, Community pharmacist

Wednesday a.m. comes and goes. Still no sign of Alliance Exeter clearing their backlog. After 16 mins of them thanking me for my patience on the phone, I now find out that all orders place between 2 and 7pm on 7/9 have failed. Rather like their company I think.


Chris Mckendrick, Community pharmacist

Got to say Unichem was always been a company trying to keep up with the last century. Change of name makes no difference and a merger with another Clown Prince of IT (Boots) means this was an accident waiting to happen.

Andrew Nicholson, Community pharmacist

Great still got issues this morning!AAH not much better Warrington in meltdown for weeks still waiting tuesday morning for an item i ordered which should have come in sat am?Its only for crohns disease!Neocate solus supply left telling patient go to hospital!Compare this service to Amazon who have doing this "supply thing" for much less time than our wholesalers?Government enquiry found no problem?


Chris Locum, Locum pharmacist

...the price of Leviathan suppliers and all smaller operators bought out in the name of effiency....look at the appalling consequences. Had patients staring in disbelief when they were informed of the 'meltdown'. They clearly thought it was the inept pharmacy staff once again who miss items off their repeats....perhaps it should have happened in wintry weather to add to the inconvenience and get picked up in the national media. Nothing would change anyway, we have gone to far down the road and it was a reminder of p2u pushing everyone away for upgrading the facilities. If there was no alternative.....whole situation unbelieveable! DTP has to have more than one nominated supplier immediately

Mr CAUSTIC, Community pharmacist

Only a matter of time till fatalities occur as a result of sole supplier deals. The government should take action to return to the system where all wholesalers are supplied with all products so one can obtain supplies for patients. AAH at ruislip have run out of ezetrol for days yet msd say there is no problem with supplies.that doesn't help my patients get their medication. 

mohamed nanji, Community pharmacist

today failure too

Christopher Dancer, Director

Clearly this demonstrates loud and clear the argument against solus supply arrangements!

Biju Gandecha, Superintendent Pharmacist

What happend to Business Continuity Plan- I thought we are all supposed to have one, especially for an organisation as big as Alliance Health"Care". It would be interesting to find out what, if any backup plan had been put in place  in the event of a major IT system failure. 


Pharmacy HLP, Manager

No NOVO Brand  insulin since Friday, for some desperate people, no accurate information from ALLIANCE , first said WILL DEFINATELY GET IT FRIDAY AFTERNOON , NOW TOLD PROBABLY the following  WEDNESDAY.

Neocate milk needed for someone travelling abroad tommorow but nothing came in etc etc. 

Patients are suffering and we are in the dark, so much for the solos manufacturer deals .

hope this sorts out soon.

Alan WHITEMANN, Communications

O come on folks, its Boots what do you expect. They've grabbed most of the market ( along with Lloyds) put the smaller independent wholesalers out of business and now they do what they want, not in a dissimilar manner to the way they treat staff .  How do they get away with it ?????  

david williams, Community pharmacist

None of the manufactures care about safety-it's all about bottom line. If DoH don't step in over this, when will they?? I had a 20 mile journey on Saturday to collect some Ultibro and Lyrica Liquid-both unavailabe from the "rest of the world". Alliance's IT is poor at best, even when working.

Wonder if my £300 surchage will be applied this month?

Bal Singh, Locum pharmacist

I notice there is not any update as to how Alliance owned pharmacies have been getting on? Surely they would also have no orders too? Would be nice if a reporter would check that.

Richard MacLeavy, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

I don't think patients will notice the difference in Boots they are normally several days behind on dispensing anyway. Whatever they labelled last thursday they won't have thought about dispensing yet so they won't notice the stock missing. If the patient arrives and the rx is not made up and they don't have the stock, it won't be different to last month when the same thing happened depite Alliance working as normal


Alan WHITEMANN, Communications

I know a few, will do that.

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

Have helped a couple of Boots pharmacies this weekend as they get everything bar DtP lines from Alliance.  If anything, they're actually worse off than the rest.

Stephen Walsh, Community pharmacist

Dear Alliance, please accept my sincere apologies but due to a computer error/butterfly wing flapping etc my monthly payment to you will be delayed......

Seal Patel, Community pharmacist

Its unfortunate, but these things happen in walks of life. Im sure alliance will fix issue as soon as possible. 

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

I'm guessing you offered the same heartlfelt pragmatic consolation to a mother needing Novorapid for their seven year old child (a situation I faced) on Saturday, yes?

It's not good enough. If manufacturers insist on using these deals, there must be at least two wholesalers involved to stop situations like this happening.

mohamed nanji, Community pharmacist

DOH must make sure that atleast 2 wholesellers must be able to supply

mills, Pharmacy technician

how do make sure that they listen though?

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

Surely something must now be done about these Direct to Pharmacy deals. As much as I'd love to see them abolished completely, I'm not naive enough to think that'd happen as too many people make too much money that way. However, surely in the interests of patient safety, a DtP deal must now involve two different wholesalers as a minimum. We were able to get most items from AAH but had to borrow some Novo branded insulin from another pharmacy as it's only available from Alliance.

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