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Auden Mckenzie confident about topical analgesic Denela

Manufacturer Auden Mckenzie has "high hopes" for its pharmacy-only topical analgesic Denela.

The manufacturer told C+D it was confident that this year would be strong for its Denela 5 per cent cream, which launched in November as a branded alternative to Emla.

The cream, which contains lidocaine 2.5 per cent and prilocaine 2.5 per cent, is the latest addition to Auden Mckenzie's "growing range" of dermatological products. Denela is designed to provide topical anaesthesia of the skin before minor dermatological and dermal procedures and superficial surgical procedures.

A 5g pack has a trade price of £2.84 and retails at a recommended price of £4.99.

For more information, call Auden Mckenzie on 0800 917 9802 or [email protected]  


N Davda, Superintendent Pharmacist

auden mckenzie make enough profit from sales of hydrocortisone tabs ( IT ONLY COST 33P
many years ago when it was marketed by MSD as hydrrocortistab) and should charge no more than £1 per 5gm tube.directors of auden mckenzie should account for this extortionate price policy they have and should be able to justify if thef ever face a committe of MPs .

Paul Reader, Non healthcare professional

Why does this qualify for free editorial "advertising". Is C&D owned by the same company as Auden McKenzie?

Michael Stewart, Community pharmacist

Should C+D articles be a marketing vehicle for manufacturers?

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

Emla 5g pack has a trade price of £2.25. I don't have "high hopes" for their marketing team...

Rajive Patel, Community pharmacist

Auden Mckenzie should stick their extortionate policy re:Hydrocortisone. Immoral at best.

Uma Patel, Community pharmacist

Morality is a philosopical judgement of a society based on its cultural values. Business is about making a profit within the rules and regulations set by society. Its not prudent to mix the two.

S S Locum, Locum pharmacist

Well said Uma, u could be a superstar at AM marketing!

Uma Patel, Community pharmacist

Thank you, 'wisdom' comes with age !! I don't have shares in AM. I wish I had.

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