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Average male Lloydspharmacy employee earns 31% more than female

Lloydspharmacy: No significant difference between male and female pay in our retail network

Lloydspharmacy has revealed it pays its female employees 31% less than males on average.

The mean pay gap – based on the average hourly salary of staff – was 31% as of April 2017, Lloydspharmacy revealed in its gender pay gap report published today (April 4).

The multiple’s median pay gap – which takes the mid-point when all hourly rates are lined up from biggest to smallest, reducing the impact of one-off outliers – was 3%, it added.

The “majority” (79%) of Lloydspharmacy employees are female, the multiple noted.

Hilary Stables, HR director at Lloydspharmacy’s parent company Celesio UK, said the reasons for the pay gap are “complex”.

“At the time data was gathered, there were more men in senior positions within our head office, and in our Lloydspharmacy stores we employ a lot of part-time females which can cause variation in mean levels of pay,” she told C+D.

The Lloydspharmacy population can be broken down into “retail-based roles” and “professional and management roles”, which includes pharmacists and store managers, the multiple said.

When broken down by divisions, the mean pay gap in professional and management roles is 13% in favour of men, while the average female employed in a retail-based role earns 3% more than the average male, Lloydspharmacy added.

“There is no significant difference between hourly pay rate of male and female employees within our retail network,” the multiple stressed.

Bonus gap

As an employer with over 250 staff, Lloydspharmacy was required by law to publish its gender pay gap, gender bonus gap, the proportion of men and women receiving bonuses, and the proportion of men and women in each pay band in the organisation by April 4.

Ms Stables said Lloydspharmacy recognises the “importance of having transparent and fair pay structures”.

Despite bonuses being “gender neutral” and female employees being “34% more likely to receive a bonus”, the mean gap between the amount of bonus given was 228% in favour of males, while the median was 101%.

Lloydspharmacy said it attributed the bonus pay gap to the inclusion of part-time roles in its bonus scheme, as 79% of part-time positions are filled by female employees and are “generally lower-paid and also receive smaller bonuses”.

What is being done?

Ms Stables said: “Although we recognise that there is a difference between male and female pay, we do not believe there is a significant gender pay gap issue.”

However, “where any variance exists, we are committed to addressing it”, she added.

Lloydspharmacy said it is “introducing a performance-related pay structure”, which it believes “should further narrow the gaps between gender pay”.

Last month, Boots revealed its mean gender pay gap was 21%, with a median pay gap of 5%. Three days later, Well Pharmacy revealed its mean gender pay gap was 20%, and median 1%.

What do you make of the figures from these pharmacy chains?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

This is surely a non-news event. anyone with a grain of sense who has ever worked in retail pharmacy will know that most of the less skilled and therefore lower paid positions are occupied by women. Male and female pharmacists are paid the same and for someone (see below) to try to bring race into the equation is plain stupid.None of this is sexism, none of it is racism. It's just plain common sense. Part-time, lower skilled, lower paid positions tend to attact more women applicants because the hours fit around other commitments and yes, I'm talking about kids.  

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

I rarely use any offending word to describe a contribution. Its unfortunate you found the word stupid applicable. However thank you for not using toilet epithets. You are obviously a Superintendent Pharmacist elsewhere not in England. Racism is alive and well and what you will find interesting is that it is no longer driven by ignorance but by enlightened people occupying high office like Pharmacist Superintendents. As I write this peice one big chain has been challenged  to publish their pay records to disprove this and they are hiding behind the data protection act. 

Why should anyone be surprised by racism in this country? The worst type of racism, enslavement, subjugation and plunder of resources started from the island in the lands we now euphemistically call THE EMPIRE. No overt apology or acknowledgement of this has ever been made and this is why people get surprised when accused of racism. My point here is that to the best of my knowledge nothing has changed from the days of the EMPIRE and people should read about the atrocities committed out there before using words like STUPID. It is dangerous for a nation and institutions to pretend that something doesnt exist when in actual fact its decimating peoples lives every hour. And the people affected who have watched and listened to vitriol with dignified silence are fast losing their patience with this kind of hypocrisy.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Are you a British citizen?? The here and now is that this country, while not perfect, is probably one of the least racist countries in the world. The Emipre is long gone so why do you still carp on about it? If you want to experience racism, go to Russia then you may well appreciate what a benign and tolerant place this is. 

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

I am proudly not a British Citizen and it is men like you who have a serious problem pretending there is no racism here. Probably you are actually a racist yourself masquerading as a progressive. those people who know keep a respectful silence. My point has always been to say stop extolling the virtues of a country whose history is steeped in the cruelty of one against another on the basis of race. Queen Elizabeth 2 was head of state during colonial days and she is still head of state. So what has changed? You say this is the least racist country in the world because you are possibly white and all I say is next time ask black underling in your organization. Ask black people before self-congratulation and you might realise North Korea, not Russia is paradise.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Watch what you are writing, There is a libel law here. YOU are the racist now. Yes, the colonial empire committed some appalling crimes but these crimes ended many years ago. Does Russia have to apologise for Stalin?? Will North Korea (or,in your blinkered little world, Mr Keyboard Warrior, Utopia) apologise once it's got rid of the baby faced idiot that's currently running it? The only people who needed to apologise for Empire was those who ran it. I'm no royalist but our Queen has presided over independence for most of the former colonies. Look at a world map. It isn't pink any more. The fact remains that this country is still the most respectful, generous and welcoming place in the world. That's not to say it's perfect, just better than anywhere else. That is why you live here and why you can spout the rubbish you do.

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

Threats, threats and threats and you say things are better here than in Russia. How do you know? You have never lived in Russia nor elsewhere. Believe it or not Russians can mouth more rubbish in their own country than here. It is the same patronising attitude that we are fed up with. Nazism occurred well before the empire but the Germans are contrite, remorseful and progressive. The Empire was recently in Iraq and hand on our hearts with this approach Tony Will soon be Lord Blair. You don't fight racism by saying we are better racists than the Russians. Is this why there were the equivalent of concentration camps in the colonies because they were not as bad as the Germans. It's worrying when an intrinsically racist country refuses to shed it's spots. By the way I am here not in Russia, to get back the gold stolen from my mother land. I ain't going nowhere till we get it back.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Someone with your attitude should not be working in pharmacy. How can an overt racist treat all patients equally? You are breaching the code of ethics and should face sanctions. I would NEVER employ you. Oh and if I were you I'd brush up on your history. The British Empire was at it's height under Queen Victoria. Nazism didn't rear it's ugly head until after the First World War. As for Iraq, Blair was Bush's little lapdog and most British people were against what we did there. 

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

I suppose being the overtly Colonial racist , your recommendation would be to banish all black people from the Pharmacists register. Would anyone be surprised? No because it is in your genes. The British Empire affected me and this curent queen was head of state. Your ignorance knows no bounds. There are people staying in this country, far more responsible as citizens, than the British were in our lands. You brought guns, subjugated us, took our lands, banished us to derelict parts of the country using force. You dare tell me today that you are less of a racist than those who foisted Nazism on us. I will repeat what I said earlier, the world is more comfortable with Germany because they are apologetic and remorseful yet people like you who did much worse than Nazism in our Lands , remain arogant, unapologetic and even want to lecture the world about democracy. How dare you even mention Iraq, which used to be a colony and you went back. Who believes you when you say the British people were opposed yet the send an army that we saw murdering fellow combatants in cold blood and in contravention of the Geneva convention. What happened in the colonies is too ghastly to remember and recount but the palpable anger out there generated by vitriol coming from superior twits like you, is what is making people including this writer to come out and say things in simple and direct language. You are not thge saints you pretend to be and modern day butchers like Ratko Mladic are Saints compared to what happenned in the colonies. I can say without mincing my words that you are in a worse category and yet you think you deserve to be on the Pharmacist register because you are WHITE. With minds like you I will not be surprised to see seperate development or segregation coming back onto the statute books. You might just be the Pharmacist I attended a Flu vaccination training with who refused to practise Mouth to Mouth on a dummy after I used it first. It is very you and with people like you its Ghastly to contemplate where Black people will end in two years.

At the tender age of 8(eight) I took up arms to fight for my own liberty and to remind the world that black people are humans too. We tried to negotiate and politely inform our colonial masters this was our land but we were met with obstinacy, itraginsigence and arrogance that you so typify. Suffice to say we won, thats why I am here today. If I had not fought with the tenacity I had , I would have been forgoten as a colonial statistic. I will never ever stop fighting bigots and hypocrites like you. You cant have it both ways, claiming you are the most progressive whilst still suppressing people. If you are not as racist, why is it common place that I have been openly caaled the N word by colleagues and customers in 2018 in the UK(probably in your racist Pharmacies). This is why I started this arguement. You can stick your head into the clouds but people like me will fight this vice and make plenty of noise in the process. Get used to it.

Finally, you can report wherever you want, but let me assure you that you will get a fight like you have never had in your. For me it might just be carthatic to finally get a measure of revenge for over a million of my countrymen who died trying to earn their freedom.

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

Excellent, totally over the top, utterly racist rant. I do not have to justify anythging to you. I couldn't care less what colour your skin is. If you were white I would have just as low an opinion of you. Keep going like you are doing, giving fuel to the real white racists and you will NEVER get equality. You just don't see it do you? Racism cannot be the answer to racism. Yes, as I said before, the Empire was responsible for some dreadful acts but I and my generation are not responsible for the Empire. It is long gone. If it were to happen now it would be very very different. Just remember that Africa has a pretty appalling recent history which has nothing whatsoever to do with Empire (Rwanda springs to mind - how many murders were committed there??) One thing I would say is that now I know your repugnant views, it's only reinforced my belief that you should be removed from the register.Your fitness to practice is significantly impaired.

CAPT FX, Locum pharmacist

If someone was to go further and ask the Pay gap between black and white Pharmacists both employees and Locums it's even more shocking at Lloydspharmacy. At times you wonder whether the Law applies at all, especially for these big companies.

Fiona Roberts, Community pharmacist

Surely this is illegal? Will the PDA be in a position to challenge this? Women Pharmacis, who have equal jobs to male pharmacists must be paid the same. If we have been paid less then we are owed the difference. Over the past 30 years I have worked for both Lloyds and Boots, along with many others, they owe us £ x millions!

C A, Community pharmacist

The report doesn't compare like for like jobs - so it is an apples to pears comparison... Dispensing/retail tend to be female dominated, and the higher management appears to be male dominated, and surprise surprise there is a discrepancy between what dispensers earn and what management earns, who'd have thunk it?!

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist seems it IS about gender after all. That is bad!

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