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C+D’s medicines shortages investigation on Radio 4 twice in one day

C+D's survey found hormone replacement therapy products were most commonly in short supply
C+D's survey found hormone replacement therapy products were most commonly in short supply

C+D’s exclusive survey on the impact of medicine shortages on pharmacy teams featured on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4 and You and Yours programmes yesterday.

Broadcast last night (November 19), the 37-minute episode of File on 4 on drug shortages cited C+D’s exclusive findings that pharmacy staff experienced shortages across 36 categories of medicines from March-September this year.

The documentary also featured C+D blogger GP Toni Hazell who explained the benefits of serious shortage protocols, which she stressed is “a power that all pharmacists should have at all times”.

The programme cited C+D's revelation that 84% of pharmacy professionals polled reported shortages in hormone replacement therapy products.

The BBC claimed: “As a result, tens of thousands of women nationwide have suffered debilitating effects.”

Earlier in the day, C+D editor James Waldron was invited back to BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme, to discuss the causes and impact of medicine shortages.

Mr Waldron used C+D’s findings to explain how pharmacy teams are trying to help patients deal with the issues.

“As medicines experts, [pharmacists] and their staff do everything they can and really go out of their way, with significant extra workloads, to try and source medicines for patients,” he said.

C+D has been sharing some unpublished information from its shortages investigation with BBC producers over the last month.

What else did the File on 4 programme include?

You can listen to the ‘File on 4’ episode here, and the You and Yours episode here.

What medicines are you struggling to source?
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