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All employees reaching national living wage, says Boots

Boots: Majority of employees were already on the national living wage

All new hourly-paid employees are now paid £7.20 per hour or more, regardless of their age

All Boots employees are now on or above the national living wage, the chain has confirmed.

From April 1, all employees 25 years and over must be paid the national living wage, which is £7.20 per hour. This is 50p higher than the minimum wage for 21-24-year-olds, and £1.90 higher than required for 18-20-year-olds.

The majority of Boots employees were already on or above the national living wage before April 1, but all hourly-paid workers joining the company will now be receive the same base rate of pay, regardless of their age, the health and beauty giant told C+D last week (April 12).

Starting rates for customer assistants

The base starting rate for a Boots customer assistant aged under 25 working outside London is now £7.70 per hour – a 7% increase on the legal requirement – the chain told C+D. This figure rises to £9.07 for those working in London, it added.

In February, Boots told C+D its 40,000 hourly-paid staff would receive an average pay increase of 5.8% from April. 

Dispensing assistants now receive at least 20p extra per hour, while those taking on the newly-created pharmacy advisor role receive an extra 50p per hour, Boots said at the time.

Well confirmed earlier this month that it will increase wages for 4,500 of its employees. The starting rate for healthcare assistants will rise to £7.38 per hour, while this figure will be £7.33 per hour for delivery drivers, it said.

NB. Boots supplied this information to C+D before the Guardian published allegations regarding how the company sets MUR "targets" for its pharmacists


Do you know of any pharmacy staff who aren't paid the national living wage? 

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Rita Jane Cooper, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

lots to think about!!

M Yang, Community pharmacist

Yes, but how many staff have been laid off or had their hours reduced? I wager we'll see even more of the "2 people running the entire premises" model of working.

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

wow.... my employees have all been above that for a few years... and I even pay tax in the uk, so therefore have subsidised their wage bill too up to now

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

Funny how the small guys have managed to do that whilst multiples are only forced by legislation to make an effort. I even pay my locums a decent rate too

Pill Counter, Pharmacy

How much do you pay your locums out of interest? What qualifies as decent in 2016?

P M, Community pharmacist

too much ... i bet 

M Elnemy, Non healthcare professional

The government pays contractors too much....

Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Nice of them to tell us. They seem to have been a bit quiet of late.

How the mighty have fallen in terms of public opinion.

M Elnemy, Non healthcare professional

I dont think they are highly thought of by the general public...they  are successful as they are are located in towns where they are the sole supplier of pharmaceutical services and/or  in close proximity to surgeries either next door or within a surgery.... 

Yuna Mason, Sales

...and each one will now do the work of three people?

Stephen Walsh, Community pharmacist

And cuts to other areas of terms and conditions in the past.

Chris ., Community pharmacist

Fully funded by dodgy MURs and tax dodging, I got in there first!

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

Given the status of Boots at present its difficult to believe ANYTHING they say.

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