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Boots hires more than 500 drivers to meet COVID-19 delivery demands

Boots has hired hundreds of drivers to deliver medicines to vulnerable and self-isolating patients

Boots has hired more than 500 extra drivers to help meet the increased demand for medicines delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, the multiple has said.

Prescription delivery has also been introduced in another 40 stores, and an extra 400 vehicles added to the company’s fleet, Boots said in a statement published yesterday (April 22).

The steps have been taken to increase Boots’ ability to deliver medicines to vulnerable patients unable to get to a pharmacy or to those self-isolating at home.

A month ago, Boots delivered on average 90,000 prescriptions a week but in the past week this figure has risen to 150,000, the multiple said.

“Support the NHS”

Boots said that throughout March, it had recruited an average of 80 drivers a day, compared to around one per day in the six months before that.

Many of the new recruits are people who have lost their jobs or are “unable to work normally due to the pandemic”, it added.

Boots said it has made changes to its recruitment process to help hire essential workers faster. In some cases, the time between interview and a contract offer has been reduced to as little as two hours, meaning new employees could start work the next day, it explained.

The energy company EDF has also donated some of its drivers and vans to help support the Boots delivery efforts, the multiple said. A Boots spokesperson told C+D today (April 23) that around 70 EDF drivers “have stepped forward” to help with deliveries  – forming part of the 500. 

Nathan Clements, HR director for Boots UK and ROI, said: “As an essential public service, Boots has a special role and duty to support the NHS in any way we can.

“I would like to thank all our colleagues, particularly those who have recently joined us - not only as drivers, but also in our warehouses and pharmacies – and our partners, who are stepping forward onto the frontline to help care for patients across the UK.”

What are your thoughts on this move by Boots?

Sarah Smythe, Information Technology

Call me cynical but you can bet Boots will not be doing it out of pure generosity, but for profit and P.R.

Boom Shakalaka, Locum pharmacist

Very surprising if true.
Probably fake news.

Matthew Edwards, Community pharmacist

Wow they nearly doubled their ability to deliver scripts.   Our delivery service is workind at 4 or 5 times the original capacity


Farhat Ahmed, Locum pharmacist

Can somebody please clarify if these drivers are in paid employment or are we talking about volunteers.

If they are all in paid employment, then what happened to all of the volunteers that could have been used by Boots for the extra Covid self isolating patients?

Dave Downham, Manager

Just thinking the same...I hope that they have scrutenised the SCR on a patient by patient basis before individually contacting each shielding patient to see if they are able to find their own collector, or tried to utilise the volunteer army rather than collect the £5 under the pandemic scheme.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Another advert/promo. Has the previous editor actually left yet ?

fab fabioso, Locum pharmacist

Speed 3: community pharmacy/covid 19

Keanu Reeves is at Boots hq and he has to hire at least 20 new delivery drivers every day or very bad things will happen.

Saddened Old Timer, Community pharmacist

Have they rehired the ones they recently made redundant? 

SP Ph, Community pharmacist

""meaning new employees could start work the next day""

So, no SOPs signing, no training no DBS, just take the keys and go. Applause

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