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Boots launches role for pharmacists providing ‘enhanced clinical care’

Boots pharmacists who have been qualified for at least 18 months can apply for the role

Boots has launched a “specialist practitioner” role to recognise pharmacists who deliver “enhanced clinical care” in the community.

The role will be handed to pharmacists who “combine the highest level of clinical competence, with a drive to innovate at pharmacy level”, the multiple said. It gave the example of pharmacists working at the “cutting edge of pharmacy”, from “pioneering research to [having an] outstanding clinical impact” in the community.

Boots pharmacists who have been qualified for at least 18 months can apply for the role, and an independent prescribing qualification is preferred. Royal Pharmaceutical Society faculty membership is also “desirable”, the multiple said yesterday (February 4).

Applicants must have identified a business sponsor – someone who works in an area specific to their work, Boots explained.

Pharmacists will be in the role for a “set period of time” – determined by a newly created “specialist practitioner review panel” – and will be on an “enhanced salary scale”.

“Upon review, should they no longer be carrying out the role at a specialist practitioner level, they will revert to a standard pharmacist…or with the job title and grade of the role they were doing previously,” Boots said.

Six Boots pharmacists have already been recruited to the role, the multiple said.

“Clear, clinical career pathways”

Boots chief pharmacist Marc Donovan said the multiple wants to ensure it has “clear, clinical career pathways and support” for all its pharmacists.

“As the landscape of pharmacy changes, the role of the pharmacist is evolving to respond to the additional opportunities to further impact patients’ lives. As an organisation, we want to ensure we attract and retain the very best pharmacist colleagues,” Mr Donovan said.

Pharmacists appointed to the role will “lead by applying expert clinical and professional knowledge in the design and delivery of innovative services and care in pharmacy”, he added.

C+D has asked Boots for further details on the “specialist pharmacist practitioner” role.

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What do you make of Boots' new "specialist practitioner" role?

Locum Pharmacist, Locum pharmacist

Would't touch Boots with a bargepole.

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

imho its the way forward, 2 week wait at gp , 2 second wait at pharmacy , we are fully capeable of this extended role , problem is IP's can only write private scripts in a pharmacy setting , and since everything is 'free' to most , the most don't want to pay , if there was a formulary developed like we use for smoking cessation , we could easily treat a wide range of ailments ,(wider than the minor ailment scheme) which will reduce pressure on GP's , A&E, Walk Ins, OOH clinics , 111 .

Graham Turner, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

If you read between the lines here you may come to the conclusion that this is just another early phase of reducing the number of pharmacists that they need. Get technicians supervising, shift the pharmacist to this magical new role, and reduce pharmacist numbers across the company slowly.

And they use buzz words and say "enhanced salary" to dupe people into thinking that this is a good thing.

Boots will only do things to make or save more money, don't ever forget that.

Why would Boots ever pay MORE money to pharmacists to perform services which produce LESS money? THEY WILL NEVER DO THAT!

So unless they are preparing to lay off hundreds of pharmacists, this is a bad business idea.

Make what you will of that.

Honest- Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Why is RPS membership desirable? Accrington stanley... who are they? RPS...? Who are they?




Honest- Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

What BOOTiful nonsense!

Richard MacLeavy, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

What happens if you have PDA membership? Is that seen as disirable?

C A, Community pharmacist

Very undesirable. Who would want that? Don't forget to not vote in the upcoming Union ballot! ;)

I think, taken at face value, this is a smart business move by Boots. They are smart enough to realise that their community pharmacists who see the potential for more in-pharmacy consultation services (better not use the word clinical) as "the future" can be rewarded. Devil is in the detail.

Good candidates for the 5,000 GP placed pharmacists as mentioned in the Long Term Plan will be looking to leave employment graveyards that have been - quite frankly - dreadful places to work for the last 4 years.

I've said it a million times before. If you are a locum or jobbing pharmacist then best get qualifications as a prescriber as it will be a better way to secure a decent and rewarding career in the very near future.

Lucky Ex-Boots Slave, Primary care pharmacist

Boots is never smart. They probably think they are but they are indeed stupid as hell, especially those in upper management (area manager and above) positions. There is a collective term for them among pharmacists - "Bootsxxteers". Much like Brexiteers promoting Brexit, and you can probably imagine what these group of people promote 

Graham Turner, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

Smart enough to make Stefano Pessina a multi-billionaire, but he only earned something like $15 million last year, so maybe they need to make more savings by cutting staff?

Sounds like the primary care pharmacist role from the late 90's...what goes around comes around...or am I a cynic!!! Or is it to do with the PDA ballott!! Definitely the cynic in me!!! Been there, done that, got the T shirt!!

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

For the shy and retiring amongst you I will ask the question you won't. What is the starting salary ?

Lucky Ex-Boots Slave, Primary care pharmacist

I've got intel saying it's min £43k

C A, Community pharmacist

"I've got intel saying it's min £43k"



Graham Turner, Non Pharmacist Branch Manager

It'll probably be £21 an hour.

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

What is a 'standard pharmacist????'

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

A very waffly and wishy washy article. No defined details of the role 

Enhanced salary? Meaning performance related If you dont bring in any money to the business you will be stripped of your position and sent back to the dispensing bench.


Lucky Ex-Boots Slave, Primary care pharmacist

I don't even see how "specialist" you can be working within Boots. In community there is literally next to zero clinical career progression unless you are up for being a "target-oriented-manager-who-only-cares-about-scorecards". I have had done every single advanced and enhanced services that are offered back in the days I was with this shambolic company and I simply don't see a point of having this role in place. It looks to me more like a desperate move to try retaining the pharmacists from exodus by introducing a pointless role for false self-satisfaction. 

Saddened Old Timer, Community pharmacist

Detail is very sketchy, threshold criteria for a role very high and is a temporary position !! The cynical would say this is in response to the upcoming Pdau ballot at Boots....... why is none of the pharmaceutical press talking about that ??? I suppose it’s not allowed to publish stories Boots don’t like or they pull their money !

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