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Boots rolls out £35 mole scanning service across 50 stores

Boots: The first mole scanned will cost £35 and each additional molewill cost £15
Boots: The first mole scanned will cost £35 and each additional molewill cost £15

Boots UK has rolled out a mole scanning service across 50 stores, after a successful pilot last year.

The stores that began offering the service this week – to patients aged 18 years and above – range from Southampton to Aberdeen (see map below), Boots confirmed to C+D today (May 5).

The first mole scanned will cost £35 and each additional mole scanned will cost £15, Boots said.

As part of the screening process, patients have an initial 20-minute consultation with a member of the Boots pharmacy team. A trained Boots healthcare advisor then captures images of the mole or pigmented lesion, and sends them to a dermatology specialist for analysis, the health and beauty giant said.

If the mole is identified as a potential risk, a dermatology nurse will contact the patient directly.

Boots is offering the service, which follows a pilot launched in February 2016, in conjunction with cancer screening company ScreenCancerUK. It "aims to raise awareness of melanoma among young people and encourage them to establish a life-long habit of regularly checking their moles”, Boots said.

Boots pharmacy director Richard Bradley said the service is a “fantastic example of how community pharmacists can use their clinical skills to support patients’ health in locations and at times that are convenient to them”.

Last month, Boots rolled out its human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination service to boys aged 11-16, who are not covered by the existing NHS scheme.

What do you make of this extended service?

Soon-To-Be Ex-Pharmacist, Superintendent Pharmacist

There's an awful lot of potential scanees out there! Most of my older patients are covered in all sorts of blebs and crusty bits. I have to admit that I once had the pleasure of pointing out someone's rodent ulcer during an MUR (sorry for swearing). At least he came back a few days later and thanked me though

Meera Sharma, Community pharmacist

More targets for the pharmacists, consultation offered by a member of staff  and such invaluable service - especially when the NHS is under pressure to offer services for mental health, OTC prescribing, urgent access to medicines etc. Exmaple of non-joint up working!

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

How is a health care assistant in a position to do this?

Ben Merriman, Community pharmacist

The mole is scanned using a "camera" that is able to see several subdermal layers.  This image is sent to a consultant who will do the assessment.  All the HCA has to do is know how to use the scanner.

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

Fine... until they 'suggest' you should be initiating 10 or 20 consultations per week.

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