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Boots offers 10 at-home health tests for between £40 and £80 each

The health check testing kits are currently only available to buy via the Boots website
The health check testing kits are currently only available to buy via the Boots website

Boots has launched a pilot scheme selling blood and saliva testing kits via its website for patients to monitor their health from their homes.

Boots is offering 10 different kits from Nottingham-based testing company Medichecks, with prices ranging from £39 for a vitamin D test up to £79 for a cortisol test, it announced last week (April 3).

The kits can currently only be bought online, but the multiple is exploring selling them via its “other channels”, Boots told C+D.

Tests include: vitamin D, cholesterol, diabetes, testosterone, vitamin B12, iron deficiency, cortisol (stress), tiredness and fatigue, thyroid, and a health and lifestyle check.

Boots delivers the kits to patients’ homes or to a branch. Patients then post their blood or saliva sample to a Medicheck lab using the pre-paid envelope provided, and can receive their results on the Medichecks website “within a few days”, the multiple said.

Medichecks doctors will not diagnose, consult or provide any treatment, but if any follow-up action is required they will advise patients see their own doctor, Boots said.

Boots pharmacy director Richard Bradley said: “We’re helping to increase accessibility to specialist testing services, complementing the testing available through the NHS and helping people feel in control of their health.”

Boots claimed to be the first national pharmacy chain to sell Medichecks tests directly to patients.

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