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6% pay rise for two-thirds of Boots staff

Boots: Pay increases will vary depending on the type of role

Forty-thousand Boots employees will see their pay rise by an average of 5.8%, while dispensing assistants will receive at least 20p extra per hour


Two-thirds of Boots staff are set to receive a pay rise of almost 6%, C+D has learned.

The multiple's 40,000 hourly-paid staff will receive an average pay increase of 5.8% from April, the health and beauty giant told C+D yesterday (February 2).

The pay rises will vary depending on the "type of role and location" of each staff member, it stressed.

Boots dispensing assistants will receive at least 20p extra per hour, while those taking on the newly-created pharmacy advisor role will receive an extra 50p per hour, it said.

The company announced a pay rise earlier this week, but did not reveal how much more staff would receive. 

In the announcement, Boots also revealed plans to fund the pay rise by axing the half-day holiday it gives staff for Christmas shopping, as well as the £50 voucher it previously handed to employees with 100% attendance.

The multiple told C+D that the new higher pay rates for hourly-paid staff will "more than offset" the loss of these benefits.


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Stephen Kane, Community pharmacist

Can someone clarify the Maths? An average 5.8% increase with dispensing assistants getting at least 20p implies their current rate is about £3.50 per hour. No wonder Boots are able to afford such a large percentage increase. 

M Yang, Community pharmacist

I think the 5.8% average as fater factoring in all their employees, some of whom are under 18 years of age and some don't have full 40 hour contracts (and so aren't entitled to paid breaks, etc). Being a former employee, I also know a lot of pharmacy staff were not fully qualified dispensing technicians, and so weren't paid the rate of a technician.

Pharmacy HLP, Manager

Is this because they HAVE TO due to minimum wage increases ?

M Yang, Community pharmacist

Extra 20p per hour for dispensing assistants and pharmacy advisors. So, that's around £1.80 more for a day's work. I expected that Boots was using this new "pharmacy advisor" role as justification for asking their staff to do more, and I was right. 20p is a pitiful wage rise. If it's any consolation for Boots staff, at least their esteemed masters are rethinking hub and spoke, as well as doing away with managers of questionable usefulness. Yes, there is a whiff of the company struggling.

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

This is the usual pattern. It's no worry though as all the money ($$billions) has been extracted. the carcass that remains, no one cares for anyway.  

Alternative Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Pharmacists were told last October that their salaries would be reducing due to "oversupply"!

Angela Channing, Community pharmacist

Why are kids still falling over themselves to do a pharmacy degree?  They must be mad!


Joan Richardson, Locum pharmacist

Because it is too late when they find out!

Paul Miyagi, Information Technology

An outsider would look at this and think that Boots is a good employer.  They are not !!!! 6% rise most likely means a 20% increase in workload ( and most employees are overloaded )

London Locum, Locum pharmacist

Always putting patients first. Lol.

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

"Two-thirds of Boots staff are set to receive a pay rise of almost 6%"


Probably subsidised by the other 1/3, and at the top of this 1/3 are the Pharmacists who Boots see as an expendable commodity.


The real question is what is the TOTAL pay rise across ALL staff. Bet its well below inflation and well below the headline 6%.

Mr Pharmacist!, Pharmaceutical Adviser

It's not a gesture of goodwill, this pay rise.  It's simply a move to the living wage.  However, doing it early can give them an image as generous employer.  Worth C&D finding out how many of the 3/4 of workforce are below the immiment living wage

Harry Tolly, Pharmacist

C&D only reports press releases.

Chris ., Community pharmacist

and your pharmacists?........

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