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Pharmacy minister David Mowat MP loses seat

David Mowat was elected pharmacy minister in July 2016, following Alistair Burt's resignation
David Mowat was elected pharmacy minister in July 2016, following Alistair Burt's resignation

Pharmacy minister David Mowat MP lost his seat in his constituency of Warrington South last night.

Mr Mowat lost to the Labour party's Faisal Rashid, who secured 29,994 votes – more than 2,500 above Mr Mowat’s 27,445 votes, according to election data.

Despite no longer being an MP, Mr Mowat will officially retain his pharmacy brief until a new minister is appointed, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) said in a statement this morning.

Mr Mowat was first elected in 2010 and again in 2015, and gained the pharmacy minister role in July 2016 after Alistair Burt’s shock resignation.

Mr Mowat oversaw the implementation of the controversial pharmacy funding cuts in England. In February, he told the Avicenna conference that he hoped the sector could "get that behind us" and "work together on a much more clinically-focused, services-orientated community pharmacy profession".

National Pharmacy Association (NPA) chairman Ian Strachan said this is "a change moment for pharmacy".

"A change of pharmacy minister is yet another good reason for fresh thinking in government about pharmacy policy. New people and new relationships can lead to new ideas and new outcomes."

The Twitter reaction
Key quotes from Mr Mowat’s time as pharmacy minister

“Everyone will know that it’s been a challenging few months, and I do know the government [funding] reforms have caused some concern.” Read more here

“[The government] fully understands the difference between pharmacists working in GP practices and in the community pharmacy network”. Read more here

“I am always keen to be popular, but I am also keen to do the right thing. Nobody is talking about thousands of pharmacies closing and I do not believe that will happen.” Read more here

Mr Mowat was ranked number 27 by readers in C+D's rundown of the 50 most influential individuals in community pharmacy last month. View the full results here.

What do you think of Mr Mowat's time as minister?

fab fabioso, Locum pharmacist

Can't celebrate yet.Plenty of ruthless Tories waiting to take his place. 

Paul Dishman, Pharmaceutical Adviser

No loss, just another time serving trouser seat warmer

N O, Pharmaceutical Adviser

How come Hunt won ??? !!!

A Hussain, Senior Management

Surrey isn't going to vote for a higher tax on top earners.

Yuna Mason, Sales

Mowat was toeing the line of his party so he has some responsibility obviously. However, the cuts were led by the treasury, approved by the PM and voted for by the Conservative party, but who in the government initially advised them that it would be ok to cut the budget? That wasn't Mowat.

Simon MEDLEY, Community pharmacist

Ding dong !


A Hussain, Senior Management

Pharma Karma.

Bob Dunkley, Locum pharmacist

Well, just fancy that!! 

Dave Downham, Manager

How do you spell schadenfreude?

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