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C+D launches 8th annual search for pharmacy talent

There are 12 categories to enter in the C+D Awards 2015, including two new categories celebrating investment in people and skills, and GP partnerships

C+D Awards 2015 includes two brand new categories recognising investment in people and skills, and GP partnerships, as well as 10 more to celebrate sector's best people, teams and ideas

C+D has launched its eighth annual hunt for the most talented community pharmacists, pharmacy staff and teams in the UK.

The C+D Awards 2015 is also seeking out the most forward-thinking clinical and business initiatives in the sector and is now open for entries.

There are two brand new categories for 2015. The Training and Development Award celebrates businesses and leaders investing in their people and skills. And the GP Partnership of the Year category has been introduced to recognise the importance of this central working relationship to the success of both the sector and the wider NHS.

There are 10 other prestigious categories to enter, including the popular Pharmacy Team of the YearCommunity Pharmacist of the Year and Independent Pharmacy of the Year.

C+D Editor Jennifer Richardson said: "Winners and those shortlisted frequently tell us about the positive impact the C+D Awards have on their careers and businesses, so I am delighted to once again be celebrating our sector's best people and ideas.

"We are looking forward to seeing some great entries; yet more examples of how community pharmacy is continually innovating and improving patient care."

The entry deadline is February 20. The shortlist will be announced in April and all shortlisted entrants invited to attend a glamorous ceremony in central London's The Brewery venue on June 11, 2015.

To view all the categories, click here; or, to get straight on with your entry, click here.

To reserve your place at the pharmacy event of the year and take advantage of our early bird ticket offer, contact Sarah Austin on 020 7921 8427 or [email protected].

The categories for 2015

Business Initiative of the Year

Clinical Service of the Year

Community Pharmacist of the Year

NEW! GP Partnership of the Year

Independent Pharmacy of the Year

Manager of the Year

NEW! The Training and Development Award

Pharmacy Assistant of the Year

Pharmacy Team of the Year

Pharmacy Technician of the Year

Pre-registration Graduate of the Year

Public Health Initiative of the Year 

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Daniel Spruytenburg on 020 7921 8126 or [email protected].

Who or what in your pharmacy or business deserves the recognition of a C+D Award?

We want to hear your views, but please express them in the spirit of a constructive, professional debate. For more information about what this means, please click here to see our community principles and information

Yet another year when my award gets lost in the post, no doubt =D

Jennifer Richardson, Editorial

Got to be in it to win it, Hayley ;) So get your entry in now:

Leroy Jackson, Community pharmacist

C+D Editor Jennifer Richardson said: "Winners and those shortlisted frequently tell us about the positive impact the C+D Awards have on their careers and businesses,"

Higher rates of pay? Headhunted to better/bigger stores/ companies? Promotions? Can we have more specific evidence instead of hearsay?

With regards to the business aspect - I assume patients read all about the nominees and winners in the pharmacy only circulated magazine and choose to go to that pharmacy then?

Jennifer Richardson, Editorial

I'll let the winners speak for themselves with a few examples, Leroy:

"Winning the the award made a major impact on my career as a newly qualified pharmacist and secured me a full time contract"

"It’s certainly raised our profile with the PCT. There have been lots of new opportunities from the interest the award created”

"It has made it much easier to talk about what we’re about. It’s almost like a seal of approval…especially with GPs they start to treat you like health professionals, rather than shopkeepers”

"I had feedback from a lot of patients who came in to congratulate me."

“It makes a huge difference to the business and we use it in all our advertising material. It improves your image”

"We used the C+D Award to raise awareness and the profile of pharmacy locally”

“Fame and fortune has brought us more business... We had a lot of people coming in to see the award”

“If I am having a really poor day at work... I have the award on my desk and I look at it and think: OK, that’s why I have to do this; I can’t drop below that, I have to get better.”

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