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C+D launches petition to enable pharmacies to offer COVID-19 vaccines

C+D is campaigning to make it easier for community pharmacies to offer COVID-19 jabs
C+D is campaigning to make it easier for community pharmacies to offer COVID-19 jabs

C+D has launched a petition urging NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) to let more pharmacy teams across England pitch in with national COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

The petition urges NHSE&I scrap the requirement for pharmacies to be able to vaccinate 1,000 people per week before they can apply to deliver the local enhanced service (LES).

Currently, only a "limited number" of pharmacies have been approved to offer the vaccines when the LES kicks off on Monday (January 11) because the majority of pharmacies do not meet the requirements set out in the LES. The number and location of the approved sites are still being finalised.

Pharmacies have shared their frustrations at not being able to offer COVID-19 vaccines with C+D, with one contractor pointing out that teams are "ready, willing and able" to help the government reach its target of vaccinating two million people a week.

NHSE&I told C+D yesterday (January 5) that it is prioritising pharmacies with high thoroughfare, but said it is considering how more pharmacies can be involved in the coming days and weeks.

An NHS spokesperson said: “Pharmacies are already working with GPs to deliver the vaccine in many areas of the country and as more supply becomes available, many more pharmacists will play a role in delivering the NHS’s phased vaccination programme, the biggest in the health service’s history.”

Sign and share the petition here.

Would your pharmacy offer the COVID-19 vaccine?

Chris Locum, Locum pharmacist

Petition for adequate and safe working conditions before a campaign to turn premises into vaccination cattle stations in the overworked and understaffed high street pharmacies.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Contractors and agents for multiples are the ones signing the petition and it is not charity at all. Contractors and multiples will be paid the service. Only locums and employees are expected to perform for gratis. If able simply withdraw your labour. After all Covid19 is deadly. Would that not be classed as stupidity to risk your life for free? 

S M, Locum pharmacist

It's very funny, that 89% of pharmacists are at risk of burnout, yet they are begging for more work, by signing this petition. Well enjoy burning to the crisps. Don't understand why pharmacists love to do charity and bury themselves alive for literally nothing (oh maybe the claps hypnotised you). But fear not, no discounts or special queues for you at supermarkets cause you are not NHS lol.

The power of brain wash elixir and propaganda. Open your eyes for god sake.


No wonder this profession is destroyed beyond repair.  Doctors and dentists had their doors shut  for the whole damn year while getting paid handsomely, doing couple of phone consultations. While you were all killing yourselves to catch up checking the prescriptions, and risking yourselves doing their flu vaccination, practically free of charge. They just passed on the burden to the local slave chemist. Simply they were too precious to risk themselves (or maybe just an excuse for an well paid easy shift).


You can sign as many petitions to torture yourselves, but I am not doing any vaccinations or extra work, unless the service is very well negotiated, and I am getting reimbursed “fully” for every single one of them,  (ie every single penny of that service). The shop must have a double cover as well.


They are vaccinating at many many locations. Not just clinical settings. Why doesn’t the NHS just pay the pharmacists to do it for them. Just contract the pharmacists directly, and have them vaccinate the nation for you. That way the big nasty corporates don’t get a cut for basically doing nothing. You get paid for your hard work without getting distracted by the stupid phone calls and millions of prescriptions in the queue to be basically accuracy checked because the corps are too tight to pay for an ACT (again fairly, not min wage like most of them try to do)



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