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C+D’s women in pharmacy platform aims to boost equality in profession

C+D editor Beth Kennedy: "women in pharmacy need more and better platforms to help empower them".
C+D editor Beth Kennedy: "women in pharmacy need more and better platforms to help empower them".

To coincide with International Women’s Day (IWD), C+D is today launching a raft of content to highlight the ongoing issues faced by women in pharmacy.

Throughout March, C+D will be publishing articles focusing on women in the profession, podcasts with the publication’s new women’s advisory board, and – in keeping with this year’s IWD theme Choose to Challenge – encouraging users of the C+D Community forum to openly discuss key topics affecting women.

In C+D’s dedicated Women in Pharmacy room, likeminded women in the profession will be able to discuss anything and everything – from career tips and tricks to obstacles in the workplace.

C+D editor Beth Kennedy said: “While there are a number of prominent women in pharmacy leadership positions, these roles are overwhelmingly more likely to be held by men.

“This is not to say that male pharmacy leaders do not deserve the powerful positions in which they find themselves or have discriminated in any way against the women they work with to get to the top. Rather, women in the profession need more and better platforms to help empower them to reach the same heights as their male counterparts.”

This is where C+D hopes to contribute and help pave the way for “a more equal future for the pharmacy profession”.

Join the conversation and listen to the podcasts on the C+D Community.

What topics would you like to hear more about during International Women's Month?

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Drive for equality would be great. Fully back it. A drive for QUALITY would also be nice instead of the race to the bottom as seen for the last 10 years since I qualified. 

Its pay to play and its pay not to play

locum norfolk, Locum pharmacist

2017 GPhC data says 61% of the profession are female. Em.. am I missing something? Or is it just the highly remunerable positions you're interested in?

This is transparent across many industries and sectors but not others....

Food for thought

If facts don't care about feelings, why would feelings care about your facts?

locum norfolk, Locum pharmacist

Strong response... your profession is in safe hands ladies and gents

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Definitely, which is why the future is very bright for CP as witnessed by the mad rush to apply for the fabulouslybremunerated positions up and down the country. 

locum norfolk, Locum pharmacist

Best for the job female or male in my opinion but what does that count for

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